And again people are enraged and astonished that the google nest max thingy is spying on them. A friend of mine just realized that google uses her phones gps data for traffic analysis. Do "normal" people really don't know this? I though is was common knowledge by now...
People your personal data is gold, everyone wants a part of it. No company that is worth billions gets there by giving things away for free

@thewk I just found out Google has my SSN on file, probably due to credit checks for their Fi phone plan or the Wallet card I used to have. They are profiting off the full set of data they have on me. And I thought I was being semi cautious.... Not a good feeling.

@linuxnoob I guess with google you can't be cautious enough, but I understand the feeling. Can't you request them to delete you info under gdpr?

@thewk I live in the US. I wonder how much they are obligated to do? Probably worth looking into.

@linuxnoob Oh, ok, then gdpr does not apply for you, but there is CCPA maybe you could use that one?
I think it is written so all companies doing business in california have to comply. Am not sure though

@thewk I've been increasingly aware of this. As an android user, I am desperately looking for a good anti-google/commercialized alternative. :/ this search is really hard. Even Apple seems bent on data collection/boxing in users.

I also have been moving everything away from Google services. Its not easy. I also have an android phone and I personally dont feel much more comfortable with apple

@cygnus316 @Caleb I don't feel to comfortable with an iphone as well.
For example: I host my nextcloud on my own server, store all contacts and events there. But I sync it to my phone, because, well I need that info there. Siri has full access to that and runs in the cloud. So Apple has all that info too. And that kinda defeats the sense to even run a server on my own....

@Caleb I feel you, my phone is also the weakpoint in my privacy....
But the both of us know about that issue, giving us at least a bit of control ie what we put on these devices. But those who do not know literately have everything on their, banking info, healthdata etc, open for these companies to use. That fact scares me

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