Want a raspberry pi? We suggest buying Microsoft office for that. Sound about right Mediamarkt ....

@thewk It's amazing that you can get a computer (admittedly a small one but which a great mind could put to great use) for cheaper than a suite of mostly text editing software when at full price.

@wesley @thewk I remember when Word for DOS was around $500 and came in a box full of floppy disks. WordPerfect was king back then.

@wesley yes it is, I had the first version back in the day when it came out. Got a 3B right now, they actually got pretty powerful by now

@thewk I got one very close to when they first came out and started getting popular. I don't remember which version it was, nor do I know exactly how to check, but I am hoping to find something cool to do with mine soon.

@wesley What did you do with yours originally?
I used it as a print and xsane server way before homeprinters were able to do that on their own

@thewk I honestly just played around doing fun things with it like trying to turn it into a retro game machine. It has been sitting in a drawer for years now.

@thewk Pi-Hole to block Microsoft telemetry. TOR router to prevent location and tracking. Print server. Cloud storage with Owncloud. VPN server.

@Limax thx, thought you ment raspberry + office ;-)
I intend to run mycroft on it btw

@thewk Yeah, there are use cases for having a Raspberry Pi along side office, but you can't run Windows on a Pi, except the stripped down IoT edition. I suppose you could run the Android and Web versions of office, but the Office license doesn't add much to the free versions on those platforms.

@Limax yeah I know, I actually tried w10 iot once. Not a great experience...
I don’t need ms office on a raspi anyway.
If i need office i run onlyoffice .
Just found the suggestion funny.
But you can run onlyoffice document server on it, in connection with NextCloud it makes a perfect office solution

@thewk These purchase together suggestions are usually based on prior purchasing behaviour, so there are at least some people buying them together, for whatever reason.

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