Warning: today we found that the old way to create users (create user identified by... + grant) is crashing sql replication on maria db (our Version 10.2) only when selecting mysql as db first and using the newer syntax: grant select on database to user identified by it keeps working. Hope this is of use to someone, took us a while to figure out...

Update on my odyssey: After arriving in Austria there was no invoice in the package, so customs handed it to the postal service, department of imports, they asked me for the invoice. Sent it over last week. Now the postal service is sending the invoice + the phone back to customs. After the check, they will send it back to the postal service, which will transport it to me. Now that is efficient, always enjoy seeing my tax money wasted like that :(

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It is 'interesting times' in . Software is eating the world and is eating software but this is not how it feels.

The main reason is (I think) the mobile revolution. It turned out the vast majority of people never needed a desktop, whether running or not.

The open source paradigm has not found yet a viable (self-financing) alternative to the mobile-as-surveillance model

I still have my mobile somewhere, a relic from a future that never was 😞

It was a nice, warm sunny day in Austria, so I figured why not climb the Türkensturz...
I did

Current book: Dante the divine comedy

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We've noticed a recent uptick in the number of fake ProtonVPN apps. Downloading an unofficial version of ProtonVPN can let attackers steal your identity. Here's how to avoid these apps and what to do if you've downloaded one. protonvpn.com/blog/how-to-prot

Dear Thinkpad owners, maybe you could help me. Sometimes when waking from s3 sleep the trackpoint of my x1 doesn't work. Which is annoying since this is my primary mouse. Does anyone else have that issue? Did you solve it?

First thing I do when considering a new distro: try installing it on my kvm server, if it doesn't work with out any tweaking the project is already over.
Sadly this happened with manjaro today

A correction to that statement, it is an inline 6 of course

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I am a bigtime car enthusiast, interested in anything from oldtimers to modern hypercars (unless electric). I own and drive a V6 bimmer on a daily basis and do amateur racing with a friend of mine. That being said. It is my personal opinion that doing business trips by train is way more effective. It is faster, you can work while on the train and you are way less stress when you arrive. It is also cheaper....
Just a random thought

For todays evening program I picked up my copy of Quality Land by Marc Uwe Kling. An excellent satirical book about an overtechnoliced Germany in the future with a really biting humour. Would recommend it

After a long work day, I have found, there is something nice about the sound of a cork being pulled out of a bottle of good chianti....

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Police departments across the US can access Amazon Ring video feeds without a warrant. Here’s what that means for your #privacy: protonvpn.com/blog/amazon-ring

@rudolf @PINE64 Next Update: Contacted Pine64 and already have received the invoice. Great support!
Austrian Customs permit submitting these things online, so I hope the process won't take too long

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Update on the I got contacted by customs today, the package was not properly declared and so it is being held by them. It enters the EU via Switzerland btw. I now need to provide prove of my payment and an invoice. But I have not received an invoice from @PINE64 yet. So lets see if I will ever get my hands on that phone...

Protonmail and Signal seem to be crashing often lately on my iPhone, and protonvpn has connection issues. Coincidence or sinister plot to kill encrypted services on iOS? (Last part is of course a joke, the crashes sadly do happen)

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Wrote a little blog post while I was playing around on the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch.


Finally got an update on my delivery, seems it has been handed to customs again...
Wrong input or is it really so hard to figure out the tax situation...

Just cheked, my is still with customs...
It has been 6 days, wonder what's taking them so long....

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