Just confirmed buying the Alfa Romeo, picking it up next weekend :-)

Did a testdrive with the alfa today.
Compared to a modern car it‘s not very comfortable, rather loud, the engine is sweating and the highbeams give about the same illumination as my lowbeams on the bmw...

I love it and will very likely buy it this week :-)

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EU_politics + encryption + privacy 

The EU Council has approved a resolution to undermine encrypted communications for EU citicens:

A petition to declining this resolution and to keep citicens' privacy is online at the EU parliament:

As of today at 07:59 CET this petition has been signed by 13 supporters

When I first started driving, many years ago, the car I wanted as my first car was an Alfa Romeo Spider. Black with beige leather seats and a wooden steering wheel.
I wasn't even close to being able to afford it.
Yesterday I talked to someone selling one, he called me back just now and I get to see it this Saturday.
If all goes well I will soon be driving my absolute dream car on sunny summer Sundays 🙂

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I can't believe that still only 8 people have signed the petition two days after the announcement.

Who should support this activity against opening the doors for another entryway to surveillance and the end of privacy if not the folks who are constantly waving the privacy flag?

Who will ever again believe in what we preach since ages if we just watch what's happening like unaware bystanders?

Come on, we can read what they want to do and there's a way to fight it. It's not so difficult to do.

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Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it


Is anyone using Manjaro ARM and Plasma mobile on their pinephone?

Just read it will be the default os from now on and was wondering how it is from a users point of few.

But I guess it is about time to get my pinephone out of the drawer again

touchegg + touché really make a gnome user feel like a first class citizen on laptops :-)

It finally happened, today in the post I got my first speeding ticket in over 5 years and the first ever since I became a bmw driver. (4 years now)

I think that is the longest anyone ever lasted driving one of these 😂

Why do old Jaguars always make me think of gangster movies, you know scences where they drive away from a bank they robbed shooting tommy guns.

They just look so evil, I love them

Got my new room thermometer + hygroscope today, turns out the reason my eyes were so itchy in the morning lately is not working the nights but that my bedrooms humidity droped to 20%...

At least that will be my excuse for now...

I keep being plagued by performance issues since switching to microsoft 365.

I think it is about time to count our losses and retreat
Guess that's where this weekend goes...

I sometimes wonder if working in IT changes you or makes one think completely different from "normal" people.

My sister just casually asked if she could share here amazon account with a friend of hers, so she could watch prime as well.
My mind exploded on the thought of giving away access to an account that is linked to a credit card.

She told me she just wanted to know if both could stream parallel, not my security vodoo....

So my MS 365 nightmare accelerated and at the end of the day I was not able to send mails anymore.

(Who needs those anyway?)

But at least their support was actually helpful and everything is resolved now. For good they say.

I now have to face the question of staying on that platform or going through the entire migration again and moving back to the good old nextcloud and imap solution that never let me down....

And the whole idea was to reduce my workload.....

As some of you might know, we recently switched to Microsoft 365.
I am now facing a big case of buyer's remorse, shared mailboxes refuse to send mails, one one pc while the same user is allowed on another. One drive Uploads keep congesting the upload, what a mess. Why did I do that 🤦

Fuck everything, the sun is out, I am in my Wintergarden, finally getting around the second book of the wheel of time and enjoying the 28°C in here.
Nothing could take my good mood away today :-)

Continuing my ignorance of the existence of winter I spent part of the evening preparing a nice tomato sauce which will serve as the basis of a couple of tuscan meals I planned for the weekend.
I have to say it tastes very nice although fresh, homegrown tomatoes would have improved it even further

Although there is snow outside, I decided to just ignore winter and have breakfast outside in the winter garden.
I think this was my best idea in this week...

My Dog who has passed 

A friend of mine just informed me a pet care near him has a bernese mountain dog to give away. Her name is nala and she is 7.
One the one hand I really would like to meet her, but on the other hand, right now she brings up memories of my dear Chewy...

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