Alien 1: Chief, there's the earth. The monkeys are going completely crazy again. What should we do?

Alien 2: Keep flying.

"Books are for morons! I get my information the old fashioned way - staring directly into the sun!”

Turns out, magenta dye production causes cancer. 😭. I knew I should've gone with a pastel!

World population to reach 8 billion on November 15th. I'm not sure we're going to get the the 10 billion cap, successfully. 😞

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I don't condone, let alone encourage violence…

But the likelihood that somewhere out there, an alternate universe version of the United States exists where Lobbyist Sniping is an established sport makes me smile.

Every mass-shooting in the US, since 2014, visualized. To my US peeps: we're going to have to vote more for more than just the President, if we want this to stop.

Sometimes god's mysterious plan is to drown your whole civilization in liquid aluminum, to make something neat for their coffee table.

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Ignoring paradoxes and the like, imagine your future self walks into the room, provides overwhelming evidence that they are in fact a future incarnation of you.

They then tell you to do something you would NEVER decide to do on your own (e.g. quit your awesome job, divorce your wonderful spouse, murder someone, poke out your own eyes, take your pick). They promise that it will all work out for the best if you.

Do you do it? Do you trust yourself?

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Apparently, 16 years ago today, my son got a ball stuck in the tree in the garden. So I tried to get it out by throwing a rake at it.

Apparently, 16 years ago today, I got a rake stuck in the tree in the garden.

What are your goto apps that you must install when starting on a fresh install?

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Question to mailing lists wizards:

You probably have a .emacs file or mutt config or whatever with 15 years of experience encoded in it, which makes navigating e-mails a breeze. And I get it that none of other communication interfaces will ever match that for you.

But do you honestly see a path for a newcomer to get into the same workflow? The path where the learning curve wouldn't look like a wall, and that would take less than a month to master?

If yes, can you share it?

For those of you on Android and using the client, is there a way to add the bookmark shortcut on my time line toots where Reply, Boost, Favorite and Pin are located?


Those of you running your own Mastodon instance: Can you give me an idea of hardware requirements for a low/medium load on a single server?

I'm considering rolling my own for my friends and family in the New England area and I might like to expand it to become something more, depending on cost.

Thanks! :crazy:

Also, do I need to somehow reload Newsboat config file after I've customized colors?

Hi all. Looking for and client recommendations for Linux and Windows

Thanks 🤔

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Day 17 on my server and i haven't even killed the first boss yet.

I'm just enjoying the building, hunting and dungeon crawling!

If any of you are geeking out as much as I am over the new game , let me know! I'd love to have a server to play on!

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look, i know i'm complaining a lot, but...

i staked my career on writing javascript and all of *waves hands frantically* this isn't javascript.

all of what i see as wrong with the web boils down to two toxic mindsets:

1. javascript is an inferior technology that needs to be fixed
2. the web platform is an inferior technology that needs to be fixed

use the platform, it's dope. stop inventing problems for a paycheck.

follow standards and science, otherwise we're building QAnon for nerds.

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