For those of you on Android and using the client, is there a way to add the bookmark shortcut on my time line toots where Reply, Boost, Favorite and Pin are located?


Those of you running your own Mastodon instance: Can you give me an idea of hardware requirements for a low/medium load on a single server?

I'm considering rolling my own for my friends and family in the New England area and I might like to expand it to become something more, depending on cost.

Thanks! :crazy:

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We’re out there 10 minutes - just enough time to get enough dirt off the cars to have to finish the entire job otherwise they will look ridiculous- and the boys complain they’re cold.

Mum brings them in for warm drinks and so I’m stuck outside cleaning them (and freezing) on my own.

I hate my life.

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My sons: “Daaaaad can we get the water gun out and clean the cars?? Pleeeasee???”

Me: “No boys. It’s -5c outside. It’s too cold.”

Sons: We won’t be cold! We will be fine. PLEEEAASSEEE???!!!”

Me: “<sigh> Okay...”

So we wrap up and head outside. Guess what happens next...


Also, do I need to somehow reload Newsboat config file after I've customized colors?

Hi all. Looking for and client recommendations for Linux and Windows

Thanks 🤔

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Managed to fix that whole 'I don't want to mistake my Mastodon and Fosstodon accounts for each other' thing by using some settings in the 'Dark Reader' extension, actually, so my Mastodon's dark theme looks regular, but my Fosstodon looks like this, not too painful on the eyes, still, and different enough to mean I won't post anything too unprofessional on this account. Pretty great stuff.

Day 17 on my server and i haven't even killed the first boss yet.

I'm just enjoying the building, hunting and dungeon crawling!

If any of you are geeking out as much as I am over the new game , let me know! I'd love to have a server to play on!

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look, i know i'm complaining a lot, but...

i staked my career on writing javascript and all of *waves hands frantically* this isn't javascript.

all of what i see as wrong with the web boils down to two toxic mindsets:

1. javascript is an inferior technology that needs to be fixed
2. the web platform is an inferior technology that needs to be fixed

use the platform, it's dope. stop inventing problems for a paycheck.

follow standards and science, otherwise we're building QAnon for nerds.

Will Smith :debian: :terminal: boosted now lets me send email via other SMTP servers so I can now send as my email address, all right within This is great.

Alright, so I have to ask a question about Steam games. Can anyone tell me where I can monitor my "followed" games?

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"Capitalism tries for a delicate balance: It attempts to work things out so that everyone gets just enough stuff to keep them from getting violent and trying to take other people’s stuff."

-George Carlin
(Sometimes it doesn't even do that)

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Sometimes I think the fediverse is just as insulated and opinion-bubble forming as the silos people came from. Proprietary software is met with outright hostility sometimes. People tend to be more idealist, at the expense of looking at the reality of the situation.

I don't know of a solution. Just my observations.

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Is anyone self-hosting a Write Freely instance? I'd like to hear what you think of it: the pros/cons.

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