day 11

This is ironic. I set up syncing from my android to my blog server via . But it seems that syncthing has messed with the file permissions. Therefore getting a 403 on the blog.

I'll sort it tomorrow, cba right now

Day 9

I am talking about a small bash script I have written to send email alerts from an EC2 instance when a public repository has been created in an organisation.

Day 7

I want to talk about content automation.

I'd also like to know how you feel about it.

Thanks in advance 😄

Today, I learned how to copy stuff from a text file to system clipboard in WSL2:

cat classified.txt | clip.exe

Yes, you can pipe from Linux to Windows in WSL2. Pigs are flying!

Day 6

Does anyone run their site from a ? How does it handle with load? Are you using a cache front like Cloudflare?

With a decent markdown editor. I don't really want to edit with vim via termius

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does anyone have a system that allows them to write markdown on their android phone, to then deploy to their website?

My site is in GitHub, I have a cron job pulling from git every half an hour and deploying anything that isn't a draft.

I just need to solve writing and then commiting from my phone


Got a site that doesn't track users across the internet! let us know!

Get a cool banner to put on your site, and get listed in our hall of fame

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