Hello everyone πŸ‘‹

We're new here, so this is our . We're a foundation fighting for people's data privacy rights.

We're taking Oracle and Salesforce to court in the biggest class-action in history against breaches.

We're really excited to meet you all - would love to get as many of you involved with our mission as possible.

Please reach out - we'd love to chat.

If you have a minute, please support our claim here πŸ‘‡

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@theprivacycollective You're very welcome here! I recommend taking a look at some of the more active posters in your own instance (see here for some ideas and searching for relevant hashtags for your campaign.

I may be wrong but I think @GinnyMcQueen may be from the #Netherlands, so she might be able to advise you on how to mobilise federation people for your campaign there

Thanks so much @davidoclubb. We're starting to get the hang of it here! Lovely to meet you @GinnyMcQueen - would love to chat, will drop you a DM.

I am not from the netherlands (????? :thinking_upsidedown: ????) and also we do not federate with fossdon because they are vile bigots and also please don't tag people into FOSS shit that has nothing to do with them especially people who you know are constant targets of abuse and also seriously though the netherlands?

@GinnyMcQueen you ask for a lot of people to give you free money on Mastodon. I am looking at your post history.

But I am new here, so not so aware of how things work.

Do people regularly pay your bills because you ask for it here?

@GinnyMcQueen I'm sorry what and what are your arguments to support what you just said and what is the problem with FOSS or the Netherlands and how about we use some punctuation?


@yarmo It must be because here on Fosstodon we secretly plan against Donald Trump and in the Netherlands we sell drugs on every corner of the street.πŸ˜‚

@davidoclubb Did you mean @Gina? Who is at least from The Netherlands and on the same bigoted instance. πŸ˜‰

@theprivacycollective Something partially related: I would like to publish the abstracts of scientific articles. Some claim this it covered by the EU Text and Data Mining Exception and legal others feel they have copyrights and publishing them would be illegal.

Do you know a group with legal experts, like yourself, that is interested in copyright or openness and might support us?

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