Privacy is only for those with something hide, right? 👀

Matt Mahmoudi, Advisor at Amnesty International, disagrees. And so do we ✊

“Facebook, Google and governments have reinforced a narrative whereby privacy is only for those with something to hide. But this is all wrong."

According to Matt, privacy is about . It's exercising our right to choose when we turn away and when and in what way we want to participate.

Do you agree?

Has your perspective on privacy changed recently? 🤔

Ania Calderon from Open Data Charter suggested that privacy isn’t a fixed concept. It changes as the world changes 🌎

But what does that mean when we live in a world where governments and corporations know so much about us?

Find out Ania’s thoughts and learn about how Open Data Charter share our mission to , holding governments to account.

Ever wondered what actually happens when you click "Accept all Cookies"?

In their latest episode, our UK claimant, Rebecca Rumbul tells The Alan Turing Institute where exactly your data goes, and why it's time you cared about it.

Listen now 🎧


We want to start cross-posting from Twitter to our new profile.

We're trying to connect the two profiles through: but we're having this issue.

Has anyone else had this problem or managed to link their Twitter/Fosstodon profiles another way?

@kev @doug - @davidoclubb suggested that you may be able to help?


Hello everyone 👋

We're new here, so this is our . We're a foundation fighting for people's data privacy rights.

We're taking Oracle and Salesforce to court in the biggest class-action in history against breaches.

We're really excited to meet you all - would love to get as many of you involved with our mission as possible.

Please reach out - we'd love to chat.

If you have a minute, please support our claim here 👇


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