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We've been watching some talks from .... interesting, and we especially like the call to design better social networks! We'll see if our focus on events is interesting 🙂

Should I capitalise the Z? - Well I don't know, what do the standard libraries do?

$d->setTimezone(new \DateTimeZone(...));


@Framasoft Hey, I see you have activitypub federation in Mobilizon. Do you have docs anywhere on what objects you send/receive and fields? I'm also looking at events federation (but for a different use case) but it would be great if any interaction was possible. Thanks!

Thinking about Open Source Licenses: Interested in AGPL. But I want the ability for people to add anti-spam code into the app as a small extension, and NOT have to publish that source code. Any thoughts?

We're PHP and Symfony with Postgres as our main data store BTW ... currently checking RRULE & EXDATE details in for reoccurring events and iCal data

Hello! We are working on Open Source software for people to pass round details of events they are running or going to; we also embrace Open Data, existing standards like iCal and we will be looking into ActivityPub. Nothing online yet, but we'll be posting lots in a few months!


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