Great to see reach version 1, congrats! 🙂 [ We are working on a different use case to them and have already been looking into how data exchange & would work ]

@theoccasionoctopus This is the sort of thing I absolutely love, really good job :)

@humanetech @lightone @strypey Thanks! We now have code online and a basic website at Still a lot to do but we are just going to keep working slowly. Federation status: Basic federation works, but not using ActivityPub - this is something we will keep looking at!

Maybe more suitable for the "Considering ActivityPub" page, unless AP federation is an agreed dev goal for @theoccasionoctopus ?


@strypey uhmm, yes you are right.. depends on the project plans.

@theoccasionoctopus did you already make the decision to add activitypub-based federation support, or is that still something you are pondering whether or not to implement?


@humanetech @strypey @lightone We do intend to add ActivityPub support and are using that as a guide already. But good to be clear to people - if you want to add a note saying "(ActivityPub support planned but not yet working)" that's totally fair.

@theoccasionoctopus Awesome. Definitely a good fit for the AP watchlist on the wiki then :) That's where we track projects whose status is, as you say:

> ActivityPub support planned but not yet working

Once the implementation achieves basic functionality, it can be considered as a candidate for the front page of

@humanetech @lightone

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