Hello! We are working on Open Source software for people to pass round details of events they are running or going to; we also embrace Open Data, existing standards like iCal and we will be looking into ActivityPub. Nothing online yet, but we'll be posting lots in a few months!

@theoccasionoctopus Sounds really interesting. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Welcome to Fosstodon.

@theoccasionoctopus we desperately need this to get people off of facebook events. i do recall a project like this that used activitypub tho

@bamfic I've seen several in research and so far we are trying to do something different to what's out there - but if you remember which one you saw, please do pass it on!

@theoccasionoctopus I mostly use facebook because of events. A federated foss event system would be very welcome. Does your project have a name or web page yet?

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