@Gina Have you tried out the Budgie desktop environment? :D I think it's the bee's knees. They've done a lot of work on compatibility, so if you find you like any of the widgets (like the panels or the window shuffler) they can probably be integrated into the desktop environment of your choice.

@Gina I'm super interested! What's the name of your organization, may I ask? What do they do?

@jack486 Alternatively, there's a huge number of internet text hosting websites.

@jack486 Github is pretty trivial to set up! Keybase also provides free 10gb public & private hosting plus 100gb public or encrypted git service!

@vordenken I was keeping a tabular [Notion](notion.so)database in the cloud, but due to issues related to data entry I'm currently in the process of integrating everything into an associational [Roam](roamresearch.com) database. If that goes bad somehow, my next plan is to keep it all on a self-hosted website. The data entry issues made me cut my planned bookmark migration short. I hope to start the pipeline back up soon. Both sites export to .md/.csv, which is comforting.

@jack486 D: Sharing bulk text via photo is inaccessible & unusable! I have a git repo for my config files.

I've written a program in Rust that produces .scl files in primodal tunings - a new kind of harmony space developed by Zheanna Erose :D I'm really proud of myself.


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I have to commend the programming language for everything they're doing, I think that they're really making waves and pushing us forward, more so than , , , and . There's constantly new stuff being written in this programming language. I even found another command line fuzzy search program today by the name of . Heres the link too check it out on your own! Let me know what you think!


@alyaza@sunbeam.city @switchingsoftware This is really cool! Beats alternatives.to by a long shot :D Thanks so much for sharing this with the class =^-^=

@cavaliertusky Awesome! :D My aspiration is to fix Zyn-Fusion's .scl/.kbm file selection mechanism.

I made my first real pull request yesterday!!! I didn't know Xlib, C++, or FLTK at all before yesterday, but I fixed a bug in one of the most important open source software synthesizers :D



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