Something that tech bloggers often times forget:

All Ubuntus are Linux.
Not all Linuxs are Ubuntus.

I haven't had a day where I had zero new subscribers in well over a year.

Until today. Wow.

We need to indoctrinate the kiddos sooner than this. Don't give kids a $1000 iPad. Give them a PineTab.
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By age 30 you should be using Linux, already. There's no excuse.

My next task is to somehow get the xwindow module for Polybar to display the app icon.

Anyone know how AwesomeWM grabs the icon for their bar?

Added Dunst to my ricing script today. Almost finished with the wallpapers.

I've decided not to do GTK or QT themes, as there are just not many available for the themes that I have. So I'm going to leave that to the user.

All that's left is vim. The tough one.

I like Imagine Dragons, but their music videos are so weird.

For those of you who need a teleprompter, or use such software, QPrompt has been updated to version 1.1. Lots of improvements over the last version.

So Valve said no to an extension. So no StreamDeck for me

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With on the way out the search has begun for a replacement ... Found this one that was made for called Not much in the customization department but looks promising. You can find here.

So my Steamdeck is ready. Now I need to figure out if I want to spend 530 bucks on it. The finances of it are a lot different now than when I ordered it.

also, three days to get the funds into the right account (have to transfer from diff. bank), is almost impossible.

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