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And now for a VERY important episode of @fossandcrafts to me... Episode 20: Hygiene for a computing pandemic

Both handwashing and ocaps involve a kind of "Don't X where you Y" (I'll let you fill in the biological version). The evidence for ocaps is overwhelming (see show notes). Let's make computing safe!

Wash your hands, save a life.

Separate identity and authority, save a user.

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We're live! We're back with a great lineup this Wednesday! Hear, project lead, discuss Linux on the Desktop, presents, PLUS learn about how Matrix powered #fosdem/#fosdem21!

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Promnesia has had many enhancements and performance improvements lately, which now made it possible to display the history/backlinks right within the page! Some final touches and will release a new version soon! #theWorkshop

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US politics 

To the entire left: It does not matter if Biden is not far enough left for you. This election is very important. There is a very real possibility that Trump will destroy our ability to participate in politics in this country if re-elected. Please, please, vote tactically just this once. I understand that there are critical policies we need to make progress on, but a candidate having good policies is useless if they have no chance to win and we lose access to the political process.

Just cleaned my desktop out and it's like 10 degrees cooler and way quieter.

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Synapse 1.22.0 is here! It sports better horizontal scaling, multi-arch Docker images, three experimental MSCs, and much more! Read all about it on the Matrix Blog:


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