{ There is something wrong here. The system failed not only victim. It failed all of us who wanted justice }

All four accused in Hyderabad vet rape and murder case shot dead


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Killing four random people accused of a crime is not justice, it's bloodlust.

I use Digdag for workflow management. It's actually very simple and does very few things. It does it well.

Recently i figured a way to isolate jobs in Digdag using Docker. Here is a blog post about that


Using Podman to run containers instead of Docker.

- Doesn't need a daemon
- No root access
- Compatible with Docker images
- Compatible with Docker CLI
- Apache 2.0

Will write more later. Try podman.io/

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♲ @jaywink@jasonrobinson.me:

New Vector - Careers


Are you an #opensource enthusiast, possibly highly interested in #federated and #distributed systems? Would you like to work in a global environment pushing the openly governed #Matrix protocol and related open source software forward?

I've been with these people for almost a year now and I've not looked back one single day. Highly recommend checking out the positions if you're looking for a change.

Open positions:

Designer (London / remote)
Support Engineer (London)
Android Developer (Rennes / remote)
iOS Developer (Rennes / remote)
Backend Python Developer (London / remote)
Senior Operations Engineer (London / remote)


vector.im/images/team_group.jp… vector.im/careers
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Hey makers!

We know many people use the #inkscape #gcode extension (gcodetools), which we have improved and updated to python3.

We need testers to check everything is still right!

Please go to chat.inkscape.org/channel/inks, so we can help you get started with testing.

Let's work together to make 1.0 a good release for makers ;)

(please boost to reach other makers, thanks!)

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What did you drink?

Garden wildlife can be entertaining and the best camera is one you have with you at the moment. Taken on a mobile, this is a picture one of the orphans we reared and released back in the wild a few years ago...

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For anyone into trackballs, there is a new project out imitating the MS Trackball Explorer -- only that this product is released as open hardware with FOSS firmware: ploopy.co/
I have been looking for a decent trackball for a while and this made the top of the wish list :)
It's not cheap though so it might sit a while on the list before I place the order..

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Using an Open NIC DNS on my phone using DNS66.

Now, I can host multiple things on my VPS and access it on my phone using custom domains without having to pay a registrar. 😬

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Hey again people. So I had some free time and gathered all of your answers to my previous question as to what apps do you #selfhost . You can all see that winner is #Nextcloud followed by #Yunohost . Quite curious to see why eg. one can selfhost an RSS and not get the links directly from its source and read them in a client...Also quite few of you run these services on a Pi3 or 3b+. So here they are below:

Answered = 19 people

Nextcloud = 14
Yunohost = 7
TinyTinyRss = 3
Nginx = 1
Karriggell = 1
Django and Mezzanine = 1
Kallithea = 1
pyftpdlib = 1
Radicale = 1
Wallabag = 1
Monica (CRM) = 1
Ssh server = 1
Pleroma = 2
Webserver for site = 3
TeamSpeak3 = 1
Calibre = 2
Plex = 2
Monero node = 1
Web monitoring apps
Keeweb = 1
Gitea = 3
Grav = 1
Syncthing = 1
Dokuwiki = 1
Gitlab = 1
Mastodon = 2
Opensondage = 1
Roundcube = 2
Searx = 3
Zerobin = 1
Wordpress = 2
CodiMD = 1
Torproject relay = 1
WriteAs = 1
PHPmyAdmin = 1
Custom scripts w Ulr shortener = 1
Piwigo = 3
WebTrees = 1
Sogo = 1
EmailPoubelle = 1
PrivateBin = 1
Matrix-Riot = 1
Wekan = 1
Writefreely = 1
Minecraft server = 1
Gogs = 1
Peertube instance = 1
FreshRSS = 2
Kanboard = 1
Halcyon = 1
FirefoxSync = 2
Pi-hole = 1
Transmission = 1
Monitorix = 1
XMPP = 1
Ampache = 1
Hubzilla = 1

Boosts appreciated!

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Hearing on 07th Nov 2019 on Shutdown cases. #Thread

One hour to go for the Bench to assemble and the hearing to resume.

Recall that Advocate Vrinda Grover (VG) completed her arguments yesterday and Sr. Advocate Kapil Sibal (KS) is on his legs.

VG brought a surgical knife and dissected each of the telecom orders word for word and showed how they were in violation of both the Suspension Rules and the Constitution.

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Next KS reads Justice Tulzapurkar's judgment in Ghulam Abbas case where it says 144 orders of prohibition has to be directed against wrongdoers and not the wronged.

7 Million people cannot be wrongdoers.

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Censorship is bad even when it’s done by private companies


{ This is important given many argue censorship on FB or TW is okay }
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What happens when Open Source lost focus on users and focused heavily on business.


They are all falling for their opponents game play. One day they will become shareware and then closed source.

This is why GNU/GPL's five user freedoms are so important
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VG now taking through the Telecom Suspension Rules, 2017.

Refers to how there was no emergency in this case, the legislative changes were brought by the State and they had enough time to prepare, no occassion to bypass the Rules and have the IG authorise the shutdown as against a competent authority under the Rules.

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The schedule for the Bangalore Literature Festival on the weekend looks great. Looking forward to two great days. bangaloreliteraturefestival.or #blrlitfest

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