@tuxdevices When the port is "finished" will this processor be Linux friendly?

- What OpenGL version will be supported?
- Can I play AV1 video? opus?
- Free and libre bios support?
- Privacy respecting?

Just curious.

@celia Hmmm. Yeah that's true. I was chatting with a dude from England the other day. 10am my time. 3pm his time. That one's ok, but I guess there are worse examples.

@PublicNuisance I do intend to install with GNU Guix, because that's what I really like, but Debian is rock solid, stable and more user friendly. So I suppose that I will install Debian by default, but let the user choose a few other options.

Also, I plan to put in a Kepler graphics card (2016 model) that supports reclocking (via the command line).


@wholesomedonut What makes mine different?

Well the problem that I am trying to solve, is that there seem to be some people interested in trying GNU Guix System, but can't seem to find the right drivers for graphics cards, etc.

I could sell these Dell Optiplex's 7010 and include a ASUS GT710-4h-sl-2gd5, which is an nvidia kepler card, which works well (even reclocking albeit via the command line).


@wholesomedonut By sales platform, I suppose that you mean what is the website? I could either set up WordPress. I have some experience there, or I could copy the website from here:
libiquity.com/ (git clone git://git.libiquity.com/shop/shop.git) He uses stripe as the payment method.

I've got a supplier that gets rid of perhaps 30 Dell Optiplex 7010 a month. I can get the desktop + motherboard + cpu really cheap. I just need to buy RAM and HHD.
I'll have to consider warranty...

@cwebber I've seen the moin moin wiki before. Where do you use it ? Is it easy to set up? Does it use lots of js? Could we package it as a service in guix fairly easily?

@ndanes You could try a Thinkpad T200. It's pretty old school, but libreboot runs on it. I think the motherboard supports a max of 8GB. I use the T400. :)

I'm planning on selling GNU/Linux desktop machines. Core i3/i5/i7 processors, 8-16GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive/SSD (Or RAID), with or without a Nvidia Kepler graphics card in the $300 to $500 range. This would include the speakers, monitor, mouse, etc. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

@civodul May I ask what long lines that you are dealing with?

@Sommer This is for screen readers and assisting blind folks right?

I've got a new blog post up about setting up a locally running dovecot server to help one search emails faster with Emac's Gnus. gnucode.me/a-locally-running-d

Smarter people would probably just set up mu4e.

@yyp I would agree with that sentament. It seems like I find myself agreeing with Drew Devault more and more each day. The Web is dead.

@maris How hard is it to make your own keyboard? I've never done it.

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