Libreture promotes DRM-free ebooks, has a directory of DRM-free bookshops, and provides an online ecosystem (storage, reading lists etc) specifically designed for DRM-free ebooks. You can follow them at:

➡️ @libreture

Their site is at

(DRM-free means that you can keep the book you buy forever, and use it on any device you choose, even if the bookshop closes down.)

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Since I am using Firefox in FreeBSD to browse the web, my user agent has FreeBSD as OS. I think no one has FreeBSD as desktop OS in my city. Websites can easily fingerprint me and track my online activity. I am changing my UA to Chrome in Windows. I am one in the crowd.

I can see significant power efficiency with FreeBSD in laptop. On Linux, the battery usually lasts 4.5 hours since full charge. Currently I am using FreeBSD for 3.5 hours, 60% battery left!

FreeBSD feels like a different world. No shiny snaps, no flatpaks, no electron apps. Most apps have download links for Windows, Linux and macOS but not for FreeBSD. Although Freshports have a good collection of software for FreeBSD, the real fun lies in building from source.

Installed FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT in my Lenovo ThinkPad E14 laptop. Everything works perfect except WiFi, Bluetooth and suspend functionality. According to statistics, FreeBSD has < 1% desktop market share. So, I joined the < 1% part of the world!

Most of the newly introduced features of macOS Monterey are not available for Intel macs. For Intel Mac owners, the update is just a mere change of name and some wallpapers. Deliberately cheated customers for corporate greed.

Are you able to access FreeBSD website? I think my ISP has blocked access to But why!!

"it excludes disabled people, with the most obvious issue being that the audio-based app doesn’t have built-in captions"

#newpipe 0.21.4 is out!

The new version brings more meta info on streams including tags, category, license, age limit, host and more.
We have also made smaller improvements and fixed a bunch of bugs.
Checkout the blog post for more info:


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