macOS certainly has issues but MY GOODNESS is it ever a world of difference once you:

- use any Linux DE for a long stretch of time
- switch back to macOS

I have yet to find any all-encompassing Linux "system" that feels as well thought out as macOS. Linux is certainly superior in terms of user control at a deeper level, but more experience is needed to tap into those "features".

Design, ease-of-use and attention to detail cannot be overlooked. macOS just does this better.

Following up on this discussion, I decided to jot down my quick thoughts about the "Linux desktop" overall:

"The Linux Desktop is Hard to Love"


@tdarb I disagree with a lot of what's in there. Cups is an apple thing and apple uses it as well as linux. Device manufacturers are much more likely to support the apple side of things for obvious reasons.

As for the User Experience and Quality Hardware parts, I don't understand much of it. Snap, flatpak, etc. isn't really required by most linux distros. It is complementary, where something like homebrew isn't if you want to do real work on a mac.

Linux is as hard or easy as you make it.

@tdarb MacOS feels deliberately hobbled to me, and you have to pay to turn on the bits you need to work. Mac has it's own learning curve, too... especially coming from windows. The engineering (credit should go to its BSD base for this) and hardware control is done for mac's benefit, not ours. It's easier to have a maintenance structure built around one kind of os and device. You also have to agree to a lot of rules if you want to develop for mac that linux simply doesn't have.

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