Google: I accept your user name, your password and the OTP that we sent to your email account, and the fact you've connected from this user agent and IP range before.
Google: but in the name of "security" I also want to "confirm" your telephone number

no thanks.

To truly have the right to collaborate, repair, and live more sustainably, we need freedom for computer users. If you are able, please donate before July 8 and help us reach our spring goal. Let's achieve #UserFreedom together! Donate via:


I've been eagerly awaiting this #postmarketos capability. Re-installing every time a new release comes out has been dreadful.

What I'm listening to today ("best techno on Youtube" 8/13): "Sempervirens", r beny

Here beny uses a Roli Seaboard MPE controller (a kind of squishy keyboard that records how hard you press and how you slide your fingers around the keys) to play a violin sample synth with the expressiveness of real violins. Run thru chunky reverb, each note becomes a stuttery chorus of violins. Result is an intense feeling of floating in viscous air, slowly orbiting an indistinct point.

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Trinity College Dublin researchers found the Google Dialer & Messages apps on Android are collecting sensitive user data around app usage & personal info.

We recommend using #Signal to protect your privacy for messages/calls & #Tutanota for emails.

I'm getting off the internet and away from people for a bit.

The fact that 🇺🇦 and 🇲🇩 have been granted Eu Candidate status makes me very happy. It would have been a failure of leadership and failure of basic decency to *not* do that.

Granted, 🇪🇺 will have to adapt and change. We will have to find better ways to deal with malicious actors like Órban or Kaczyński. We will have to recognize our common humanity over our national particular interests more.

But this decision gives me hope we actually *can* do all of this. Let's see to it that we will.

Ukraine's biggest solar farm Тоkmak Solar Energy in Zaporizhia was and still is dismantled , packed up and moved to Russia

Aside from all of the calls, the most stressful part about working as a programmer for me is having to constantly argue with people who want me to change something in my pull request based on wrong information, or a wrong understanding of how things work (I think people also just want to make up reasons to change things so they feel useful?)

Gajim 1.4.5 has been released 🎉

This version brings an important fix for ad-hoc commands, as well as some improvements for message styling and further bug fixes.

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