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Note: I'm on as @codebalion , and my personal instance as @codebalion . Not leaving here, though. Gonna keep my tech talk here. Separation of content can be a good thing.

A warning to people who use YouTube: Some popular channels are currently being hijacked, and turned into "CoinbasePRO" scam channels. One of my spouses just found "TopTenzNet" hijacked, and I've been seeing reports of an ASMR channel being taken, among others.

Make sure 2FA is turned on for the account, and be careful what you click. Protect yourself as best you can, because we don't know how they're getting in as far as I can find.

Zoom, do you have any teeth left in that big ol' punchable head?

Turns out their linux package is legit dangerous and full of bash pitfalls.


Stories like this are great!
It seems criticism is more forthcoming than praise. That probably is true for everywhere but particularly so in IT. As more companies are put under duress during the pandemic, and their IT crews struggle to adapt to systems and scenarios that management should have planned for years ago, it's interesting to watch how a company treats it's workers. I feel if you're in the industry, now is the time where your bosses show their true colors.

After coming across yet more feeds that only include an excerpt, I wrote a thing about full post RSS feeds.

mh (-), ph (-) 

In partnership with our friends at @kde we are thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor. The configurability of GNOME paired with the simplicity of KDE - all rolled into a single package. Introducing KNOME, built using QTK3 and Kutter.

Recently discovered an alternative for balena etcher. You can find it here:

FOSS, crossplattform, under 1mb in size, NOT electron based, no analytics crap. (For detailed infos, read the comparison chart on the project page)

If there's one awesome thing proprietary software ended up giving us, it's the creation of awesome cracktro music.

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In this world where people expect in-your-face tutorials on using applications, or constant UX hints for everything, it's nice when you can find out so much just by reading the manual and man pages...

I may have spent a little too long reading nano and alpine's manuals. 😇 😅

With how pretentious and snide some people are about how others use VIm (scolding a beginner for using the arrow keys, for example), I probably never would have learned how to use it myself. If it wasn't for one of my spouses, I probably would've never gotten the basics down.

Makes me appreciate the little things all that much more.

Since my search-fu sucks, and I keep coming up empty-handed on info, time to stop being frustrated and ask for help.

Anyone know if there's a way that I can tell i3 to switch between having only my laptop monitor, or having both it and a second on the HDMI port? I enjoy occasionally dragging it into bed to work, instead of sitting at my desk, but i3 doesn't *just* handle that issue. I'm assuming I use `xrandr` with a hotkey script or something.

Long list of terminal apps 

YouTube comment bots seem to be getting worse every day. Makes me wonder why people keep them running, since they literally do nothing other than spam messages.

Bob encourages self-care in these trying times 

Things that will drive you nuts when learning a new keyboard layout: the layout itself. It took playing a LOT of "Battle and Get: Pokemon Typing DS" to get used to the JIS layout.

Shift+2 for double quote, Shift+7 for single quote, dedicated "at" key, underscore is Shift+backslash (though it's not shown in the screenshot)... It takes some time.

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