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Note: I'm on as @codebalion , and my personal instance as @codebalion . Not leaving here, though. Gonna keep my tech talk here. Separation of content can be a good thing.

Discord reminds me daily of why I want a sticker for my laptop that says "My Christmas miracle is working audio in Linux". Just ow...

And before anyone comments on it, no, I don't have the WinXP gaming laptop on the internet. It stays offline, for everyone's safety.

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Spending my night getting my Dell XPS 410 installed with Windows 7 again, just for games that just don't run on Proton on my Linux laptop, and are too new for my Windows XP gaming laptop.

Sitting back at almost 01:00, eating a BLT, and watching a 1983 computer mini-series about computers from Canada. Yep, I'm slightly bored.

hey, question.

why on god's green earth did i think it would be a good idea to make the following image,

If you write a lot, I recommend you give the GhostWriter app a chance.

It's beautiful, distraction-free, lightweight, open-source and just works.

Has a dark theme, a focus mode and a Hemingway mode which disables the delete key so you cannot edit 😀

Ah... Got chastised in a stream chat for using Ubuntu because someone doesn't like it, and they only get angrier when I ask what it matters to them. These are the moments block/ignore options were made for.

So you want to make it on the , huh?

Here's some great advice, and a brilliant analogy from @yarmo.

This will appeal to many of you: A Windows 98 css theme for semantic HTML

After waking up this morning... Yeah, it's all allergies. No fever, throat's dry but not scratchy, and no other symptoms. I just really need a stronger allergy med.

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Wheee! Hello there, ill feeling. None of the symptoms of _the thing_, but I'm probably going to have to take myself out of commission just to make sure I don't get it if I'm getting sick with something else.

Honestly, I'm betting it's just my allergies being out of control again.

Just upgraded to Ubuntu MATE 20.04, and it feels...a little sluggish. Might just be from my home directory having so many old configs in it, though.

2.4GHz AP: 78% signal strength at 30 ft, with two a closet and a wall between it and my laptop.
5GHz AP: 41% with occasional disconnect, despite direct line of sight, and nothing else on the channel.

Isn't technology wonderful? :crazy:

You know... I like GNOME 3, but I have the same feelings for it that I have for KDE Plasma. I like Plasma 5, but I still like KDE 3 (Trinity) more. Likewise, I like GNOME 2 (Mate) more than I like GNOME 3.

And honestly, if I *had* to pick a GTK3-based DE, it'd be XFCE, not stock GNOME. I just find it to work a bit better without the intense memory needs that GNOME has now.

Had problems with my laptop all day, and even lost data, when the thing would suddenly power off while on battery. Battery was fine, voltages were fine, OS was fine...

Turns out there's a small switch just under the RAM/HDD panel. The panel itself has a rubber foot that keeps it pressed in, and if removed while on battery (and only on battery), it powers the system off instantly. The foot wasn't tight enough against it. I really wanna know why someone at Acer thought this design was a good idea

I swear, the Poradnik Uśmiechu (Smile Guide) OST has such an amazing 80s TV vibe that's just calming, despite how terrifying the actual web series can be. Wiktor Stribog did a damn good job on it.

My laptop's battery is down to ~27%, and I'm being lazy in getting up to fetch the charger from my desk. My bed's too comfy right now.

Using Mate again after working with i3wm for so long is...interesting. You don't stop to think of all the little shortcuts you use out of habit until they're taken away.

So... Apparently, OBS Studio *really* doesn't like i3wm on my setup or something. It barely worked, and took multiple workarounds just to get it to accept a URXVT window as a target to display.

Mate? Mate-Terminal? Working just fine.

Now to figure out how to fix my sound system, so that launching Discord won't make my music sound like it's coming from a horror movie played in hell...

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