NFTs in video games are an interesting concept. A digital marketplace makes a lot more sense in a digital world. Some games (like WoW) already have marketplaces.

That said, this looks like a cash grab, esp if they tax the transactions.

(ETH also needs to hurry up and move to proof-of-stake) - Becomes First Major Gaming Company to Launch In-Game

They want money, this is what this is about.


Finished day 1 of advent of code today. I’m trying to use it to jump into rust and practice the functional programming paradigm.

Anyone heard of before?

Looking into discord alternatives and this one looks promising. I know there are a lot of open source chat options out there already but I’m usually less than pleased with their user friendliness. That or they're trying to be like slack or focused on user privacy and security.

I just joined the beta.

I installed linux mint on my wife’s PC recently and was struck by how simple the installation process has become.

Rebooting into the live USB environment from windows did not require me to enter the bios at all.

The wifi card drivers were not included in the installation, but connecting via ethernet and launching the driver manager automatically found and installed them. I didn’t even have to open the terminal.

I think we’re on the right track for deaktop linux becoming more accessible.

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I'd love to see password minimums of least 12 characters, because most people will reach for the minimum required.

More concerning than that however, is not allowing spaces or any of "&'()/\<>`| in the password.

This looks an awful lot like not sanitizing your database inputs.

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Covid, Kantian ethics 

2/2 Immanuel Kant's ideas heavily influenced the American founding fathers and documents. Consequently, many Americans were brought up using and believing this system of ethics. This argument can be extended to argue against vaccine and mask mandates as well.

Every individual has a duty to, and therefore "should" follow these practices. No individual, governmental body, or corporation has a right to, and therefore "may" force any one of these practices on anyone.

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Covid, Kantian ethics 

1/2 The following question (in my words, since I do not recall their exact words) was asked by a doctor of philosophy in an ethics course at the start of covid.

If a man contracts a contagious disease does anyone have the right to force him to self quarantine until he is no longer contagious? Using the Kantian definition of a right.

After discussion, it was determined that no one held the right to force the man to stay home, however, the man had a duty to stay home.

Fun fact: vi was considered a resource hog when it came out.

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Doing some reading on indentation depth bc I was trying to figure out why 8 spaces persists in Linux development. (Not why it started out as 8, why it persisted.) It seems to me that it's a way to enforce good coding style since code gets really ugly if you use too many 8 space indents, i.e. more than 3 indents, as the kernel standard says.

I've been using 4 spaces since I started writing code but I'm considering switching to 8, although I'm curious what people here use.

Anyone here have experience with Solus OS :solus:?

Wondering about using it as a beginner distro for a daily driver, is it any better than the normal Ubuntu based distros normally recommended?

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>gets a class of water
>demand everyone in your game to drink water as well

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is the only OS listed under Beginner-friendly in the latest @LinusTech video that is not based on Ubuntu (or in fact, based on any other operating system).

Rest of the video is basically "how to do xyz under PopOS" which is eh, but hey, progress.

Side-note for new users, ReplaySorcery is in the Solus repo and is IMO a better alternative to Shadowplay. No needing to remember to launch OBS Studio, no custom compilation of separate software to act as a source, etc.

Pol, antivaxers 

I bring this up bc this applies to a lot of areas in current events. Any effort made by the government or say YouTube's "vaccine confidence" movement will fall on deaf ears bc the words come from the people they fear. This is not an issue of science vs anything else but one of restoring faith in those with power, which is much more difficult.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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Pol, antivaxers 

A lot of people, especially those in government, big tech, and other powerful manylayered entities forget the faith people place in folklore, and by extension anecdotal evidence.

I had a folklore professor in college bring up the role of legends (under their folklore categorization) in the antivax movement. She essentially argued that people who follow that movement are doing so out of fear of corporations and big government. Antivax is a symptom of a larger fear, not the root.

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A massive investigation into commercial spyware used against human rights figures and press around the globe is being published gradually this week. Very interesting.

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As far as executive orders goes, this one seems to address some worthwhile issues, like 'right to repair', non-compete clauses, net-neutrality, etc.

Biden launches assault on monopolies

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