Bought my first ebook on , then spend 2 hours cracking so that I can read it on my Linux computer.
Damn it , I just want to read the book I have payed for, on my own computer.
I don't even mind if I can read my damn book.
What so hard to port your simple reader app to Linux?
If you can't, just throw me the dumb DRM-free epub that I have 100 ways to open.

Hah, that's totally my recent experience with Kobo. Did you find a Linux tool? Because I had to download some shady Windows stuff.

I'm not fine with such DRM because I have the right to backup my stuff for future use and I don't have to remember some adobe id or kobo account to read the book I paid for. And when (not if) they go out of business, I'm locked out forever.


@omicron @voanhcuoc I have been looking for a way to get rid of adobe DRM due to this reason but have been unsuccessful

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