Got back into some Rust development and decided to turn a small CLI I wrote earlier into a (hopefully lightweight) shell-like environment. The most important feature should be access to a command history and currently I'm looking at termion for this. If anyone has experience with this, shoot me a message!

I finally decided to learn . It will be interesting to see where this leads. At first glance the JIT compilation thing seems to necessitate some strange workarounds or at least a somewhat different workflow though, I suppose.

Okay, I finally got around to making my website. Here it is:
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but if you have constructive criticism, go ahead!

Is there any launcher on F-droid that supports arcticons?

I installed FreeBSD and Debian on my old laptop and maddeningly the wifi connectivity wasn't an issue during installation but afterwards I was not able to make it work again.
It is a mystery to me why this was designed in such a way.

Can someone recommend a domain name registrar that is reasonably priced and is usable with a minimum of personal data? I find myself at a loss how to choose one.

I'm making my own website that contains my cv, experiences, skills etc. but also a Uses page and a personal blog. What domain name should I choose for it? Just my name or something more related to the contents?

Does anyone have experience with self-hosting SimpleLogin? I'm currently wondering if this might be a good idea.

I'm interested in creating a personal website that serves static content but I've never done web development before. I'm looking for something FOSS that helps me get the job done without getting my hands extremely dirty but I still wanna do it myself. Can anyone recommend me something?

Does anyone have experience with Fedora as a distro for gaming? I'm currently on Manjaro and am considering a switch.


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