Just signed up for Reddit and found this. Really? How does they know my interests ?

I hate to admit that Edge is so much better than Firefox

Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

Despite self-hosting Searx, I just realized that I logged in Google on my server this whole time 😑

Btw, if you're learning Python, I'd definitely recommend reading Python without fear by Brian Overland.

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20 donors already -- thanks! the campaign ends in 12 days!

More info on FundOSS' democratic funding:

Donation link:

Check out the other projects as well!

#Zrythm #DAW #FreeSoftware #funding #FundOSS #OpenCollective

happy 10 year anniversary to the guy who gave himself brain damage mining bitcoin

Welcome to centralized Internet 🤷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

I have been stuck with Fedora update for more than an hour. Does anyone encounter the same thing?

Can't wait to see Firefox 89 shipped on Fedora =)

Follow up: You don't need to feel guilty for choosing proprietary software.

If you prefer to use Spotify over local music because it better fits your listening style, go for it!

Should you look for more secure and privacy-respecting alternatives? Sure. But you don't need to develop a cognitive dissonance when it comes to what your preferences for software are.

Do what you're comfortable with, keep an open mind, and try things whenever you feel like something new.

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How to join a #libera.chat #IRC channel via #matrix:

1. Type /join #channel:libera.chat into your client.

Done! 🤯

Say I deploy Nextcloud, TTRSS on platform such as Heroku, am I self-hosting?

Do you use PGP encryption?

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