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appimage-builder v0.7 was released!
It brings bug fixes, better testing logs and multi-arch AppImages support!

Yes, you can create Wine appimages now!
Go and grab it while is hot!

There has been an attack on our DNS infrastructure. We're working on restoring availability right now.

I'm wondering if there's a free Miniflux instance out there. I'm tired of self-hosting.

It doesn't matter what you did wrong. Till you reboot it, your machine's gone. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it. Just boot it.

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I'm testing self-hosted version of Standard Notes. Does anyone know how to sync notes to Dropbox like its pro extension?

I'm looking for privacy-respect alternative to Any recommend?

I hate how people just stop responding for no reason. Is it something I texted? Something I said? How I acted? I need to know so I can stop doing it!

And what is your favorite email provider?
Gmail was my favorite. But I'm trying to degoogle my life. So I'm having Outlook and Tutanota email addresses.

ROS is a popular open-source platform for advanced robotics. Its flexibility and ease-of-use make it well-suited to a wide array of robotics applications – however, these robots are not always sufficiently protected against security threats.

Our whitep...

What is your favorite browser?


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