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If you haven't done so already then send in a #introduction recording.

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Working in high school in the US 

Pet peeve: whenever I'm in a high school and I duck out to use the restroom, there's a flock of kids just standing in the bathroom staring at their phones like zombies, blocking every toilet.

I wonder how many vibrant, creative, and enriching communities I am part of are going to be left. One by one they are being torn apart by infighting between absolutists that can't have anyone tell them they can't do or say whatever they want whenever they want, and people who can't tolerate anything outside of their view of "correct". Almost always the divide occurs along the ideas carved out by the political right and left. I feel like there are no solutions other than to fight, or fork.

Rant about "new" Star Trek shows 

Am the only person that hates the trend of adding color to the hulls of Starfleet ships. They all look too "video gamey" now.

"Help us build our open source decentralized security and/or privacy focused thing! Join our discord/slack/telegram here!"

Literally no way for people that actually believe in open source and decentralization to engage with your project. Cool story bro.

Apparently Super Unpopular Opinion 

I like cryptocurrencies. I like the math, the technology, and the "game" of it. Trying to learn more about it is frustrating. Everything eventually devolves to "how to never pay taxes". I can understand some of the reasons that people object to paying taxes, but it comes off as whiny. You literally made money by doing nothing other than already having resources to dump into making more money.

The lack of gratefulness and humility bothers me.

Almost every time I eat some form of meat substitute I think of Senator Vreenak whispering "It's a faake".

@BlacKernel Nice job on the recent @hpr show about Rust. Really enjoyed it. Started looking into Rust recently, so it was good to hear your perspective.

When I started down the path of growing more of our own food, I had lots of positive benefits as reasons. The one that I didn't anticipate was getting to ignore most of the food recalls. It's nice to know that all my onions came from my garden so I don't have to worry about it.

just saying, if FLOSS projects had millions of dollars/euros/whatever at their disposal as the corporations do, we could make shit happen

because rent is a fuck

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@klaatu @perloid Thanks to both of you for your recent HPR episodes. I'm sure the comments will be the same litany of people who disagree (and I'm not going there to feed trolls and increase the growing hostility there), but I just wanted you to know it is appreciated. Great work.

dude the united states will collapse before it implements universal healthcare

Today my 3 year old daughter referred to a vulture as a "Halloween chicken". I prefer her naming scheme.

Yes, do your research.

Go to an academic library. Use the catalog. Find peer reviewed articles exploring the topic. Search out papers reproducing experiments. Write a abstracts, and use them to write a literature review.

You know. Research. :flan_book:

To be honest, I'm not sure there is anything I find more satisfying than spending the morning picking vegetables out of my garden, prepping, and canning them. 🌎 🌞 🥕

I'm real mad that my plans to go see Shang Chi tonight are getting ruined by being on a Covid quarantine. Can't even pay to watch this one at home.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop during my break today so I can get some work done. There is a "networking" group meeting here today. Overhearing the conversations that are being had I've come to a conclusion. We humans are no longer fit to exist, we have nothing to offer the world.

OK, so I know that the BBC typically only lets people from the UK showrun Doctor Who, but when JMS comes knocking I hope they listen. Especially considering how weak the show has been for years.

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