Looking for recommendations from the Fediverse. I'm wanting to learn more about Cryptocurrency stuff and there is a glut for resources. Anyone have recommendations on good sources for learning?

uspol, defeating newspeak 

So I saw someone saying they were anti-anti-fascist. Bruh that just means you're a fucking fascist.

The "right" has decided that anyone who is against them is automatically Antifa, which allows them to ignore their real concerns. It's easier to apply a label that doesn't fit than it is to hear why they are protesting.

open πŸ‘ source πŸ‘ projects πŸ‘ should πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ use πŸ‘ closed πŸ‘ chat πŸ‘ platforms

We're happy to share a few pictures of a prototype!

The Pinecil is our upcoming ~$25 RISC-V based soldering iron, powered via USB-C or the barrel plug.

You can learn more about it in the latest community update: pine64.org/2020/08/15/august-u

My friend asked to use a USB port to charge his cigarette, but I was using it to charge my book. The future is stupid. -- Dean Burnett

Are there open source printers?

I try to be paperless as much as I can, however, it would seem that my partner wants a printer for her work.

Doing some research, it seems that many printer makers, HP, Canon, Epson, etc. build in obsolescence.

How infuriating. Any #fediverse and #FOSS people know about open source hardware printers?

Well today was the day I finally unsubscribed from FLOSS Weekly. The final straw ended up being Simon Phipps asking a completely legitimate question about the guests feelings on corrupting influences in open source, and Doc Searls and the guest just laugh at him.

This, so much this. I really think this is why languages like Python have taken off in the educational space. There is a community that makes accessible documentation that makes it easy for nontechnical people to dip their toes in. I feel like there are better languages for learning but their documentation is written for those with a large tech knowledge base. Then they wonder what they have to do to get people to use their language...I'm looking at you .


We've gotta send kids back to school so one day they can be doctors and scientists, and everyone else can ignore them too.

I can think of no better evidence of the current capitalist-cyberpunk hellscape that we live in than this...

I am subjected to watching advertisements on the gas pump screen, because god forbid I have 3 minutes of not being marketed to.

These HDMI capture devices are selling all over the web for less than $20. Picked this one up for $14 and have another coming for $11.

They work great.

Hey fellow podcasters! @cwebber @klaatu @thelovebug @ken_fallon @monsterjavaguns @Honkeymagoo I thought I would draw you attention to this link that is collecting Fediverse active podcasts. May be a good way to do a little promotion. communitywiki.org/wiki/Fediver

Do we have a directory of Fediverse podcasters? Maybe we should start one? If there is not, add yourself here:

Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles: hnarayanan.github.io/springer-

Holy crap! I really need to get my .emacs file into something that looks a lot less like spaghetti thrown about the room. .

As an educator, I feel this πŸ’―. This stupid administration will have more blood on their hands if more schools are being held hostage to open in a pandemic.

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