As an educator, I feel this 💯. This stupid administration will have more blood on their hands if more schools are being held hostage to open in a pandemic.

OH: "If the USA saw what is going on in the USA, the USA would invade the USA to free the USA from the USA."

protests, history 

Just a thought I had, 31 years ago the Chinese government decided to roll tanks to quell the protests in Tiananmen Square. This was met with near universal disproval by the rest of the world due to it's authoritarian nature.

Right now in the US, we have a commander and chief that has suggested using "military hardware" such as "tanks" in order to "dominate" and suppress protests. Tell me again how we made America Great Again by electing this shithead.

publishers sue the Internet Archive

As a scientist and teacher, I will not write or peer-review for any journal from these publishers, nor will I use their books in my classroom, because their emotionally immature stunt risks the collective memory of the Internet.

Whether or not the "National Emergency Library" is ultimately a reasonable idea, there are good ways and bad ways to approach the issue, and Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley and Penguin Random House have chosen a bad one. For two decades, scholars have been asking, "What value do publishers actually add?" Answers vary, but a bitter "not bloody much" is prominent among them. Undermining our social and technical infrastructure in a time of global crisis only gives that view more weight.

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I've tried to record a podcast episode at least three times and just can not. Regardless of how I begin I end up just screaming at the mic in rage. Hit delete take a breather and start again. At first I thought this might be cathartic, now I'm starting to realize that things are just that fucked up and I cannot be dispassionate about it.


After last night's speech, no mother fuckers better ever say shit about comparisons between Trump and Nazis.


Well Emperor Trump has decreed that he's planning on rolling out the military. Not a good sign. I hope all the revolution stans aren't all talk.

The Star Trek nerd in me hopes that the decision of the astronauts to name the Dragon capsule Endeavor, means that it is officially Endeavor B.

US Riots / Space Travel 

I'm having so much emotional whiplash today. I'm simultaneously so ecstatic about the Dragon launch and our return to being able to put humans into space, while being angry, upset, and appalled by everything else that is going on.

All I'm saying is that if we're afraid that robots will take over our work instead of being able to rejoice such a great thing, there's something fundamentally wrong with the way we structure our society. We should praise fewer working hours, and have better living conditions as the outcome of automatization, not tremble in fear of not being able to afford housing, healthcare or food because we work less.

I wonder if this sign ever made anyone say "You know I wasn't planning on stealing this box, but..."

I really LOVE the idea of, but I find the instructions for exercises to be so vague that I spend more time looking at the tests and community solutions to the problems to try to understand what they want. I guess I'm technically learning that way, but I feel like it's missing something to make me be more generative from the outset.

I think one of the things that I am going to continually run into while reading Mises in an attempt to better understand Libertarian thought is my conditioning against strict individualism. My upbringing and religious beliefs create a cognitive dissonance for this since it is so heavily based around the interconnections of all phenomena. It's hard to even conceptualize such individualism.

I am really contemplating building a small desktop to quasi replace my laptop. My laptop is my main machine and it's getting a little long in the tooth. I do a lot of audio and video editing and the workloads are a bit much for what I have. I could buy a new laptop but that is a lot of money. I can build a small desktop with more power for less money and keep my laptop for other things. Any ideas?

Fuck this guy. Fuck his ideals. Fuck his "America", and fuck anyone who thinks completely made up imaginary shit like an economy is more important than a human life. I can't believe this shit-stain is my congressman.

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