@kev What is your opinion about this event? And the event that caused Mr. Richard Stallman to have to resign from the board?

@kev nope, @username@instance
For example, mine is @thai

@bigbrownepaul @cirno I think I can answer that. I keep all my family photos on Google photos and enjoy their sesrch functions. It's not just a normal storage but a place where I can search for any image I want, as long as I have some details about it.
That's why I wonder what other services can provide the same functions as Google Photos?

@bigbrownepaul my family's photosbare on Google Photos and I enjoy the smart features they provide. Which other services you would recommend for photos storage?

@Zoomtra Hi, I'm also kind of new here. I'm using Tusky and I like it. Never try different app so I couldn't say Tusky was the best.

@kev if you're into scify then I recommend The Expanse. It is so underappreciated for some reasons that I can't understand.

@sotolf Damn, I feel the rush when I read your post about Vim. I have tried Vim before and fallen in love with it. I also felt that the learning curve was too steep. Maybe it's a sign for me to jump back in. This time more focus.


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