It's hilarious that in SAP GUI they have a whole bunch forms for customizing stuff they call "visual design" and "interaction design" while, at the same time, your eyes burn from the sheer ugliness of all of it and you keep going "oh, I didn't expact that behaviour" the whole time you're using it. (And we all know surprises aren't what you're striving for when you do interaction design.)

On a more positive side: I'm using Scrivener again and I'm still impressed at how good it is for writing drafts of ... anything.

How fucked up the whole scientific publishing business is, becomes obvious when you have to pay 33$ for 4 pages of what has to be the hastily hacked together result of a homework assignment. (Thanks, IEEE, for the tight review of the 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering) My first hunch was that this is a predatory conference but the first paper in the proceedings is co-authored by a former prof of mine, so it seems legit, making it even more baffling.

It's such a shame they cancelled Alpha House after only two seasons.

In his ECIR keynote, Jamie Callan said in a response to a question by Martin White that cross language IR felt like a solved problem. What did he mean by that?

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If airlines and banks need to be saved by tax money in tough times, why keep on pretending those are independent companies and not really government institutions? Why pay their leaders high salaries 10x more than gvt officials and why pay their owners dividend if we all own them clearly??

There are currently so many ppl crunching numbers for Rosetta@home that they have 0 jobs in the queue. And it's been like this for hours.

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The number of IR papers that start with a statement about the size of the Internet is astonishing.

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Früher hatten wir so viel Toilettenpapier,
wir haben uns damit den ARSCH abgewischt!

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You asked for it, we deliver. Enjoy the #musicvideo of the song VOICES IN MY HEAD, taken from the soon-to-come-pornophonique-album #BraveNewWorld. Let’s go down: #acousticguitar #gameboy #pixelart #pixelmusic


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