FluffyChat is an open source, nonprofit matrix client created using Flutter, the open source framework that allows building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. The app is easy to use, secure and decentralized.

@textovervideo I used to love FluffChat on Ubuntu Touch, it was awesome!

@textovervideo I see.

They don’t say #Element is built using Electron, yet I know that it is:

One of the reasons I ditch matrix is because od that: I find that hiding that fact is dodgy.

@olamundo @textovervideo

Flutter uses Dart, not JavaScript. Never used it personally, but it's not an Electron app. I believe it also actually compiles to bytecode vs running a chrome tab on your desktop and interpreting JS like Electron does.

@olamundo @textovervideo
well that Element app you linked doesn't use Electron...

@olamundo @textovervideo No Flutter isn't web based. It compiles to native machine code on Android/iOS/desktop and to canvas/webgl on the web. So FluffyChat on the Desktop is a native Linux application

@textovervideo license approved by me,It's a shame that few projects use this license or others with more freedom like bsd


I did not think the UI is ugly. Overall, the app looks and works awesome.

But if you have any other suggestion for a client that works well with and I am sure some of us would like to try it out and see how it compares to

What are some other matrix clients for linux and android?

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