Using is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

This is a quick guide for those people who have heard of but have never used it. Using XMPP is like using most other chat services.

This guide just gives a few suggestions on xmpp servers to register an account and a few popular clients for Linux.

@textovervideo Middle part should say "AN XMPP CLIENT" instead of "A XMPP CLIENT". The X in XMPP starts with a vowel sound (e, like ex).
@textovervideo you may probably want to remove Xabber from your recommendations. It’s devs have a known anti-encryption stance. Here’s a quote:

“What I don't want is OMEMO, it's worthless to me. And since I'm a bit out of spare money, I have to make Xabber a viable source of income, I have some Ideas how to do that, and OMEMO does not play into any of these ideas. If some of you want this feature badly, pay me a for development of it (we charge $3500 per developer man/month). If you are not willing - well, sorry, we serve only customers, not freeriders.

I actually don't understand this desire for encryption. Some ejabberd developer recently said in email group that XMPP community is affected by severe crypto-cancer, and I fully agree with him. For most uses, OTR or OMEMO just gives user an illusion of safety, not really meaningful increase in it. If you want your messages to be safe, you can just run your own server, that's easy and rather cheap. Just be wary of certificate errors.

TL,DR: OMEMO is for junkies and crypto-nerds who pay us nothing, get lost, or pay.”


Granted, they have OMEMO implemented since then, but I’d still be wary about their motives and attitude.

@textovervideo @drq так. я зарегался, а дальше что? :D

@pytat0 Ставишь клиент, прописываешь туда свою регу, и далее - добавляешь кого-нибудь да общаещь его до потери сознания.


@pytat0 @textovervideo @drq а дальше пишешь сам себе потому что никого больше в жаббере нет.

@textovervideo thankfully more apps are making signup available during setup. Monocles chat, a conversations/ fork is the most user friendly I've found and it even provides a menu where xmpp instances can be registered on:)

BTW love the design of the steps to setup xmpp, did you create it?


Thanks for letting me know about Monocles chat.

Thanks. Yes, I created the image. But I feel that the image might need to be updated.

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