What do you think about dribbble?

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Does anyone know if has an open source alternative?

@pcastela I already had searched the internet looking for an alternative to but did not find a replacement. There are other websites that offer similar services, but found no alternative yet that can offer what does.

@textovervideo Could be a good idea for a new #activitypub services! Something near #pixelfed but more like a portfolio 😁

Maybe just an pixelfed instance for graphic artists?


@hs0ucy @textovervideo

That's an inspiring idea, and something not yet addressed by other #fediverse apps..

Would you be interested to start brainstorming on this a bit further in #FediverseFutures on Lemmy?


@hs0ucy @textovervideo

Note too that there is a project making a move in *somewhat* similar direction..

See Artist Hub at github.com/creative-passport/a

The project has joined #activitypub #SocialHub community recently.

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