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Incredible 10x20m mural in defense of Julian #Assange by Captain Borderline (@shantisignl@twitter.com) in #Berlin!

Because one splendid, clever image speaks better than 1000 words...

(Go check it on Stresemannstr. 15, in front of the building of the SPD!)


#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeYesterday

A few points to consider:

1) Negative traits (easily frustrated, undiplomatic, blunt, stubborn) cannot be separated from positive ones (resourceful, patient, talented, extremely principled). Free software would not exist if he did not possess all those traits

2) He's being _libelled_ by powerful media & adversaries

3) FSF started cozing with OS during last 18 months. We need a separate FS org

4) Mob "justice" is not the answer. Whoever controls the mob controls the issue/person/org



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