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Thanks to some user feedback, we are working on a new change that should decrease the very big size of the current Tenacity installer on Windows.

Keep it coming, pals! :D

Huge shoutout to the people who have helped us with the translations you guys rock

Keep in mind that we're trying to adopt a coding style in the most friction-less way possible, so please do read what other people have written before responding and that even though we may not directly respond to you, we will read and consider your feedback.

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If you're a programmer and have looked at Audacity's source code, you know it's a bit messy.

We're currently trying to agree on a coding style and would like to invite anyone (from experienced programmers to potential contributors just starting out) to give us their two cents here:

We just merged an initial patch that should allow Tenacity to be compiled using the stable version of wxWidgets. That means that Linux packagers will be able to ship our first release without shipping an unstable version to its users. Still being worked on!

Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

We're looking at an issue that may have made binaries much larger than what they're supposed to, and we also figured out a long-standing issue with macOS tests failing out of the blue.

Note to self: Don't use AppleScript to manually modify .dmg files, ever.

Wow, I just tried to check out which of the two compiles faster: Tenacity or Audacity. Especially if you've compiled both of them at least once.

You'd never believe the answer!

We fixed the Tenacity icons on macOS and are currently working on officially supporting FreeBSD:

:freebsd: FreeBSD builds for @tenacity are on the way! 🎉

If you're running FreeBSD, please try building against the PR and tell me if anything breaks. I'm idling at

Sorry for going dark for a bit, I'm just currently on a self-care break :>

We're still working on it!

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Small status update
* Deciding on a coding style
* Preparing our Flatpak stuff
* Dealing with Tenacity branding on macOS
* Building wxWidgets statically on macOS
* Initial steps to support wxWidgets 3.0 again in order to allow Tenacity to be built on distros that ship older versions of it. (It'll be a bit buggy, but better than nothing.)

I decided to submit two changes and currently working on submitting a third one. :D

Consult our Twitter profile for more information.

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Obligatory "We haven't made any changes in two days but we're actually working on a lot of changes that are in-progress" toot.

We're currently expecting a check from MuseGroup for doing their dirty laundry.

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SoundTouch just made a new release with CMake support thanks to our build system guru/contributor, @be.

That's one less vendored dependency.

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