Say hello to our new plugin: Dynamic Compressor, developed by Max Maisel!

I hastily recorded a two minute video explaining what it's all about:

Currently experimenting with increasing the framerate in the Track Panel and the Play Indicator. This breaks recording and may make the experience worse on older systems, so this may take a while.

We're not sure if what a person's opinion as to how the control toolbar should look like will be considered as a hot take, so I decided to post a screenshot here.

Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

Another proposed change by akleja:

- Makes the background color adjust to system theme even when the color is similar to the theme color
- Removes vertical lines from tooldock
- Removes bevel around transport
- Simpler bevel-less style of the toolbar grabbers

Currently wondering whether I could replace the macOS installation screen with something more handwritten, partially.

Now that I showed everyone the most controversial variation of that concept, how about this one?

It's an earlier version of it and doesn't have things like the microphone meter on the right, and everything is crammed towards the left. However, I think this screenshot along with the previous screenshot does convey the direction we actually want to follow a bit better, more or less.

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Morning, Tootiverse. This is a concept of a small UI revamp, we'd love to hear the opinions of some of you all on it. (We're planning to make a lot of additional changes other than what you're seeing.)


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