We've had a lot of low-hanging fruit that's very easy to deal with (such as 'macOS menu bar says "Audacity"': github.com/tenacityteam/tenaci), but we are stretched very thin and are dealing with bigger problems.

I get that contributing to an audio editor is very intimidating. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a team that would deal with such issues.


If you can pour in 5-30 minutes per day (or even per week) to solve at least one of these things, we could definitely accommodate you and guide you with that. We just need more "working hands" to build this thing and polish the quality of our software.

You really don't have to tinker around with the audio engine or frequencies or anything, we have tons of stuff that needs to be done that's completely irrelevant.

If you're also interested in contributing in the long-term and dealing with greater problems, that should be a great starting point.

But if not, you will still have helped us a lot by doing small things like these. :)

Do reach out!

BTW: No obligation whatsoever. Just come and go as you wish.

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