FYI: The Arch Linux (`tenacity-git`) package has been getting increasingly broken and we've been getting an increasing amount of reports from users about dealing with compilation issues when using it due to a considerable lack of maintenance.

Please contact the maintainers of the package if you are coming across any issues when compiling first, thank you.

@tenacity You probably meant AUR package, not Arch package. It's not the same thing.

@tenacity AUR stands for Arch User Repository. It's a place hosting PKGBUILDs - these are not actual packages, but scripts that fetch and install software. These are not maintained by the Arch Linux developers. There is no official Arch Linux package for Tenacity (yet). It's just a user who published this script in AUR.

@unfa Well, I sort of meant that in the sense that it's meant for consumption on Arch Linux (PKGBUILD), the same way downloading a .deb file off the internet that's not officially in any Debian repositories still qualifies the said file as a "Debian package".

I agree that there's a pedantic error, but I don't think that a person familiar with the AUR will blame the Arch developers for a *-git package. Not sure if me seeing this as a given is right, honestly.

@unfa I'll try to avoid that in the future either way, just to be on the safe side. Thanks! :D

@tenacity Ah, now that you mention it - I see that it makes sense by the Debian analogy, though when I read it I immediately thought that you meant an official Arch Linux package.

@unfa @tenacity I'm in contact with an Arch maintainer for a lot of audio packages and he'll be updating the required libraries for Tenacity soon.

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