Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

@tenacity Don't worry. The grass is greener on the unemployment side. Join us. Its nice here. Hehehehehe

@tenacity weren't you the guy that said you will get fired?

@lilithian Hm, which operating system are you running? (Windows, Linux, macOS?)

@lilithian Do let me know if you come across any issues, we normally test changes before we include them officially and you could help us that way as well by saving us a lot of time!

Other than that, have fun!

@lilithian As a fellow hobbyist music creating person, I wish you... luck!

@tenacity I was a bit hesitant to switch but honestly this seals it. I'm installing right now

@SwooshyCueb We haven't included this change to our Nightly builds yet, you may want to wait a bit more.

I can provide you with a link of a build that includes that change if you want me to, however. :)

@tenacity Arch Linux, x86_64. If you don't have a build target for that, anything built for Ubuntu Bionic or Ubuntu Focal should work fine

@SwooshyCueb Well, we have `tenacity-git`, but this isn't going to cut if you want the feature in particular right now. You could just install that one and wait for a bit, too.

However, we do have an Ubuntu build if you are REALLY Into early adoption stuff:


@tenacity a) lowercase "s" in "system"; b) Channels 3-6 are not expanded, e.g. "trireo", "quadrophonic", "pentariffic", "sexafabulous"; what sort of flim-flam operation are you running?!

@proactiveservices Nevertheless, I will forward that either way. I think that "system" is the name of the input device.

@tenacity It's probably a mix of my dry British wit, and my not being half as clever as I think.

@proactiveservices Nah, seriously, there are some days I assume that everything is sarcastic, and some other days where I'm the exact opposite of that and take everything too literally.

@tenacity plus, when one is an open source developer, someone criticising you for not capitalising a letter is probably a weekly occurrence ;-)

@tenacity do you plan to add float and imaginary numbers? can't wait to use my 3.5i7 channels :awoo:
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