Hey, are you using Alpine Linux (or, maybe... @postmarketOS and other distributions) as your development environment? No? Maybe? Yeah?

Either way, @sfr's instructions on building Tenacity on Alpine Linux are now up for everyone to read:

@tenacity @postmarketOS @sfr well actually I'm trying it out in a VM to hopefully migrate within 2021 😬👍

But I'm no audio producer 😅

@tenacity @postmarketOS @sfr yes, as a daily driver. I've got KDE Plasma running after some troubles (apparently it requires a user with a $HOME that they own 😅) and I don't have a lot of software requirements, so I'm even trying out but apparently it doesn't have hardware rendering so KDE's System Monitor boots but doesn't render anything and Alacritty doesn't even show up 😬👍

@RyuKurisu Huh, what weird setup do you run where your user doesn't own it's own $HOME? The whole point of $HOME is that the user owns it and can thus store anything in 🤔

@bart well apparently I invoked a command that doesn't automatically create a $HOME for that user 😅👍

Either a limitation of busybox's useradd/adduser defaults or the documentation of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@RyuKurisu Ah yeah by default the Busybox tools might not. I tend to install the GNU stuff on my Alpine systems and don't have such problems, but then again I never call the useradd/adduser commands without arguments either 🤷

@bart so I checked but apparently Alpine thinks their command creates a $HOME

I think it is something I'll have to triage and report if it wasn't just me :thonking:

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