Hey @tenacity, I was trying out the translation but I noticed that there's a considerable text mismatch between context and the English versions (especially at the contribution part).
Since in weblate English is kind of the base ref at the translation tool, I got confused about which one should I follow.


@humrochagf Do you mind sharing a few examples? It'd help me get a better picture and forward it to the right person. (Should be emabrey. It could be a good idea to reach out to her yourself as well, but I'm still here if that's inconvenient.)

@tenacity I did some highlighting on this example, the context doesn't have the Audacity word in it, the English version has, and some translations checking for other languages use it, and others don't.

@humrochagf We switched to "developer" then added "Audacity" back, which messed things up, I guess.

@humrochagf We wanted to be "trademark compliant" but then decided that just mentioning Audacity wasn't a problem and doing so would alleviate confusion, so, that happened.

@tenacity alright, so should we base on English or context when translating?

@humrochagf I'd say English, in this case. You're free to ask again if unsure.

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