Hi, we need some users to check something for us very quickly:

- Open Tenacity.
- Check if you can find the "Limiter" plugin. In some cases, plugins authored in the Nyquist scripting language are not enabled by default.
- Let us know, and include your operating system and if you installed Tenacity "from source".

If you don't have them, do the following:

Tools -> Add / Remove Plug-ins -> Click on the Disabled circle thingie -> Enable every plugin that shows up.

@tenacity Fund it! But it's inside the Plug-in 1 to 15 of the Effect menu.
Tested on my Pop_OS from the nightly appimage and also from manual compiling the code from source synced recently 4408d96ff.

@tenacity tested with the latest appimage from on debian 10 – no, i don't get a limiter, and yes, i can enable it via the method described.

what's odd is that there appear to be many duplicates of the nyquist plugins in the list (i only have to enable one to get the effect) – is this expected?

@tenacity for the record, even if i enable ALL the limiter scripts, i only get one entry in the effects menu for it

@agafnd You may want to try removing ~/.local/share/tenacity and ~/.config/tenacity, by the way.

@tenacity interesting—doing that reset all the settings, as expected, and also there are no disabled plugins now. Also there are no duplicate plugins in the add/remove effects window.

@agafnd Yeah, I tried doing that when I had that issue and then tried to find a way to reproduce this but did not manage to find a way to do so...but it all got fixed.

It's weird, but at least the job gets done?

@agafnd @tenacity Have you tested different AppImage builds before? Maybe this is a weird consequence of using multiple AppImage builds?

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