Hello, fediverse! We are Tenacity, one of the most prominent forks of Audacity for the time being.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this account yet, but you're more than free to follow it and find out for yourself. :)

@tenacity Welcome! I've heard there's been some trouble with 4chan? Is that sorted out? I hope you're doing good!

@unfa Yeah, hi, thanks! Excuse me for the late response.

As @be said, there was some trouble at the beginning, but it's now just one new person leaving spam once every few days or whatever. The former maintainer is not affiliated with the project at all anymore, so I don't know what for, but it's safe to say that the dust has settled. This is a free country, everyone is free to use whichever program/fork they want to use, after all.

We are just hoping to be better and make this thing work.

@tenacity @be Thanks! I have heard the former maintainer of the project reported physical harrasement and even at attempted murder (?). He's given that as the reason for his dismissal. Some people told me that he must have been making things up, but I don't have any evidence to either prove or disprove anything. Maybe you would like to help clear this up?


@unfa @be Wish I could provide clarity on that, but we can neither confirm nor deny any of his claims either. The information we know is the same as the information everyone else knows, compared to basically everything else revolving around our situation.

We are not really related to any of this anymore and never were for the most part, I think you'd have to reach out to the previous maintainer.

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