The global politics are unfortunately affecting open-source audio. Not in a good way.

The developer of LSP plug-ins may soon be forced to serve in the Russian army. He's previously expressed his strong stance regarding the war and is definitely not on board.

The Linux Studio Plug-ins (LSP) suite is one of the most advanced and high quality. A real beacon in the libre audio.

#war #LinuxAudio #FOSSaudio #Russia #LSP #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware

I am honestly not even sure why we never came up with this idea, I think it was mentioned in passing and everyone just forgot about it:

Great job, @gperson!

Heres's the planned Saucedacity/Tenacity 1.3 release agenda:

This isn't a final agenda, so I'd like to hear what you guys have to say!

@n0toose What's very weird when I work on modifying Saucedacity toolbars is that the old size is kept. There's an easy fix: open preferences and close them. It reloads the UI.

This happened from 1.1 to 1.2 with the split playback and loop button, where newer versions might have the record button cut off. I don't know why this issue exists, but I thought we could be saving the toolbar sizes in our prefs? I think I'm likely wrong, but I'll have to compare 1.1 and 1.2.

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@n0toose has discovered my proposed toolbar changes based on their ideas...

There are a couple of twists I'll probably throw in, but this is the overall plan:

* Replace our device toolbar, which has cropping issues, with Audacity's audio setup toolbar or something similar.

* Either rearrange the the edit toolbar or the tools toolbar, or maybe both.

* And of course, rearranging the order.


Give feed back on, give ideas, all will be accepted.

@gperson apparently found out about my designs that were meant to make the UI of @tenacity more intuitive and are now trying to implementing a set of interesting new UI changes themselves.

Have I expressed how much I appreciate their work enough?

All checks have passed with Tenacity's dynamic compressor in Saucedacity ( If all else goes well, we should be seeing this soon!

@gperson is also working, in the meantime, on some nice original stuff, they share screenshots regularly and they use Mastodon *a LOT* to request for feedback when they are not too sure about a decision.

That includes UI/UX changes, as well as build system-related changes. I am pretty sure they could use some help and love. ❤️

^ @n0toose

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Hey there, again!

If you're wondering why I'm reposting a lot of @gperson's posts, the reason is because they've undertaken the entire thing and are in the process of merging all of our work in a very structured and organized manner.

Their project is likely going to be Tenacity, it's just that we couldn't hand over the reins so easily because they had already worked on a completely separate fork.

^ @n0toose

...and I forgot another thing: I'm dropping the Aqua icons in our Saucedacity theme 😢 (this doesn't apply to any Tenacity themes though because they were already non-existent).

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Merge update: Tenacity's dynamic compressor. It doesn't support realtime effects due to limitations in RealtimeEffectManager.


Oh yeah, you can also see some theming going on ;)

Here's is what will be a little controversial change, but I'm going to make a poll on GitHub or something soon (I don't have time right now).

I've moved the time toolbar next to the transport toolbar (where the play and record buttons are, etc). It is no longer on the bottom toolbar. How does this sound?

Poll: Qt or GTK for Saucedacity/Tenacity?

Supported platforms (planned): Windows (x86, x86_64), macOS (hopefully; Intel and ARM), Linux and others (x86_64).,

So I'm thinking about using Boost in Saucedacity to perform a variety of tasks (Boost.ASIO for IPC and Boost.DLL for library and maybe plugin loading). This is more on the code base refactoring part for our Qt rewrite.

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Any alternatives? Any other suggestions?

Hello everyone 👋! I'm @gperson, somewhat of a random kid who knows a lot about C/C++ and founded a fork with the name Saucedacity. (The name can and will be worked on). Now I'm that one person who's behind Saucedacity😄.

I use :popos: and :archlinux: (yes I know), so I'll be testing Saucedacity mostly on those distros (more on :popos: though)

This is my first time with Mastodon, so I'm quite new here. Either way, I'm gonna try to update everyone on Saucedacity + other things.


@tenacity Thanks for the mention, chum! Back soon with more sound making! Peace!

LWN's Fosstodon account was created because we had requests for a feed here. Now somebody has reported us as a spam account and we are getting warnings from the moderators. Evidently we aren't interacting enough. So it may be that this stream is about to go away, our apologies.

It's just all a bit confusing, as we have not immediately cleared up the following 100%, although we definitely have a right sense of direction as to where we're all headed:

- Will GitHub continue to be used?
- Will we hand over control? (Where, how much, etc.)
- How many original people from Tenacity are going to return or stay involved?
- What patches should be carried over from other versions?

For that, I ask for some patience. I am here to answer questions.

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Our version includes changes that improve compatibility with ARM and e.g. FreeBSD, and somebody will get around to the pull requests.

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