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We urge packagers to not carry on with the version of Audacity and to instead label the latest version of Tenacity as "0.1.0" for now. We have "informally" agreed that we would release release candidates as well, so keep that in mind.

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We've got a new link for nightly links that also acts as a disclaimer so that we don't get murdered:

We're not sure if what a person's opinion as to how the control toolbar should look like will be considered as a hot take, so I decided to post a screenshot here.

We're not sure if what a person's opinion as to how the control toolbar should look like will be considered as a hot take, so I decided to post a screenshot here.


Kleine Berichtigung: Wir haben Conan nicht komplett entfernt, wir haben es nur optional gemacht, um Paketbetreuern und Mitwirkenden zu helfen, die eine funktionierende Conan-Installation auf ihren Systemen haben.

BTW: No obligation whatsoever. Just come and go as you wish.

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If you're also interested in contributing in the long-term and dealing with greater problems, that should be a great starting point.

But if not, you will still have helped us a lot by doing small things like these. :)

Do reach out!

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If you can pour in 5-30 minutes per day (or even per week) to solve at least one of these things, we could definitely accommodate you and guide you with that. We just need more "working hands" to build this thing and polish the quality of our software.

You really don't have to tinker around with the audio engine or frequencies or anything, we have tons of stuff that needs to be done that's completely irrelevant.

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We've had a lot of low-hanging fruit that's very easy to deal with (such as 'macOS menu bar says "Audacity"':, but we are stretched very thin and are dealing with bigger problems.

I get that contributing to an audio editor is very intimidating. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a team that would deal with such issues.

for clarification: Jeremy is the friend and not the person who runs the Mastodon account, thx

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A community member, personal friend of the person who runs this Mastodon account (hi Jeremy) nudged the maintainers of the AUR package (tenacity-git), who fixed things up in short notice!

It should be good to go now, give it a shot!

Looking to make a simple contribution to Tenacity for Windows?

You could help us reintroduce project icons!

We officially brought back support for wxWidgets 3.0 on Tenacity (at the cost of minor visual bugs). :D

Currently experimenting with dynamically defining the default theme of Tenacity on Windows:

It's just an initial step for other operating systems -- we're also trying to figure out how we can implement this on Linux properly.

We sometimes mess up when reviewing changes and merging things, as we're learning. Even if that's not a pleasant thing to happen, we'd like to think that this is okay!

We just make sure to improve our documents explaining our procedures and how we do things, so that everyone can be on the same page.

Apparently, the reason why the Ubuntu executables were so large the other day was because of backtraces, which did not really quite work as intended anyways.

We're currently close to bringing support for wxWidgets 3.0 to Tenacity. Although that may result in some mild visual bugs, it will result in the program working in Linux distributions like Devuan, Void Linux, Debian, among others.

FYI: The Arch Linux (`tenacity-git`) package has been getting increasingly broken and we've been getting an increasing amount of reports from users about dealing with compilation issues when using it due to a considerable lack of maintenance.

Please contact the maintainers of the package if you are coming across any issues when compiling first, thank you.

As pointed out by @sfr, the IRC is also okay.

But I (as in tthe single contributor managing the social media) would much rather focus my attention on fixing issues instead of spending all of my time in Tenacity aggregating issues that people share online and having some other person fix them as I keep looking for other user feedback. It's taking up a lot of additional time that could be used to speed up the release instead.

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@tenacity Even better, pop in the IRC channel! We might be able to solve the problem in an instant, saving you the hassle of creating an issue.

Friendly reminder: Feel free to tag us if you run across any issues with compiling or modifying Tenacity.

You can also help us a decent bunch and save us a lot of time by opening an Issue:

(Trust us, we actually read these.)

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