@nathand @joeligj12 You mean startup time? "emacs —daemon" is your friend then.

@notaleman Choosing a DE is completely subjective. Everyone has his/her preference and experiences. You should try them all out to see which one fits your needs the most.

@RantzXYZ Tutanota unfortunately doesn’t support IMAP/SMTP and is also based in Germany.

What do you all think of ?

I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to . Only thing that makes me hesitant is the fact that they’re based in Germany and thus part of the EU and 14 Eyes. But their price is really competitive…

@AaronTheIssueGuy Issue‘s now locked as resolved after people voiced their concerns. RIP I guess.

Looks like I’ve spread misinformation. The code for the official iOS app is available on GitHub. No license though.


@hejowhat Certainly looks like it. Guess I was wrong. But where’s the license?

@samir I use Metatext. It’s great and uses SwiftUI.

Things I don’t like about the official iOS app:

1. closed source
2. no local timeline
3. no customization (scaling etc.)
4. no way to see who liked and "reblogged" a post
5. cut-off profile metadata (and no way to see if a link is verified)

@TheCanine @betamax65 @Mastodon @Gargron It’s not just a missing feature then? Fastest uninstall ever.

@Sulairris It’s really barebones right now imo. No local timeline, no appearance settings outside of light and dark mode, no list of who favorited/reblogged a post, …

@alexbuzzbee Just downgraded my branch from edge to v3.14. Keepassxc installs without problems now.

@huy_ngo The quazip version on Edge (1.1-r0) doesn’t contain the file that’s missing for keepassxc. Version 0.9.1-r0 in the v3.14 stable branch has it though.

Did you just install it without any problems? I’ve tried downgrading quazip on my system but it would break some other package I have currently installed.

@alexbuzzbee Yeah, I just checked. The v3.14 stable branch does install the libquazip5.so.1 file with the quazip package.

Oh well… guess I have to wait or go back to stable. Thank you anyways :)

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