I’m inclined to try out because I love minimalism and want to continue moving away from big tech, though I feel like switching from more bloated sites like will be quite a task.

What does everyone think about ? Is it any good? I’m mainly maintaining private repositories right now and don’t really contribute to public projects… yet.

@telroy you can push to both git repos - on and github. You just add a second remote & push to one and the other.

As your project will grow it will probably be nice for users to make issues on GitHub.

Some hardcore anti-bigtech / libre devs only use which is of course a option but most ppl if they don't use GitHub as their main repo hosting they also mirror to GitHub (as secondary).

@xgqt Yeah, I thought about mirroring but I’d probably switch to GitLab for that. It’s probably the best so I can see whether sourcehut is something for me or not.


GitLab is pretty nice. Also Codeberg (or any Gitea based hosting) is very good if you hate Cloudflare.

GitLab is very heavy but also has nice features like CI/CD for example.

@xgqt I haven’t heard of Codeberg yet but it certainly sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

@xgqt I’ve just migrated my most important projects to Codeberg. It’s awesome! Thank you very much!

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