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cargo tip:

Instead of browsing crates on, check out A noticeably faster experience and looks more pleasant overall IMHO.

What’s the closest thing to for that’s pure-Rust and not a wrapper/binding like rust-sdl2?

Just found this through ‘s Twitter account.

If you’re on and click on a video that’s also available on , it automatically redirects you to . It’s available for , and .

I've installed dired-launch in Emacs but it throws "Symbol's function definition is void: rest" (when executing dired-launch-command) and "Symbol's function definition is void: second" (when executing dired-launch-with-prompt-command) errors at me.

Does someone know a fix? I haven't found anyone else having this problem.

This is my current testing config:

What’s your favorite terminal file manager?

I discovered git-bug yesterday and I think it’s everything I’ve ever wanted lol

It‘s fully embedded in git and lets you create, edit and read bugs/issues from CLI, TUI or web-ui. It even has bridges to other trackers, so you can pull and push your bugs/issues to GitLab or GitHub. Best of all, it works completely offline and doesn’t add bloat to your repository.

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I just discovered which is a free and open source internet connection speed test service. Sorry, nothing personal but if it's #foss I just can't resist it. Bye!


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Bash tip of the day:

mkdir -p make/new/directory

cd !$

It does what you think

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I’m inclined to try out because I love minimalism and want to continue moving away from big tech, though I feel like switching from more bloated sites like will be quite a task.

What does everyone think about ? Is it any good? I’m mainly maintaining private repositories right now and don’t really contribute to public projects… yet.

Hey guys and gals, I’m new to this whole Mastodon thingy! Please bear with me! 😅


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