Europeans' data shared 376 times daily in advertising sales, report says

@holly @technollama Surveillance capitalism is a parody of itself :awesome: 👍

@aral @holly @technollama I wrote them an e-mail a few years ago to complain that I need to log in before I can watch iPlayer or listen to radio. Their response was that I could opt out of profile building after logging in. So, what do they need my e-mail address for? They didn't even understand why I was complaining and it might be an issue, so my trust is 0.

I finally gave up and signed on with a trashmail address only to find out they want the full postcode too! Generator + VPN to the rescue

@holly even more irony is that you are using a non-free operating system

@holly @technollama @aral Feeling the GDPR law should be stricter there about the term "share" - these notifications should say "sell" instead. The sentence " would like permission to sell your personal data with our ad partners to allow them to show ads tailored..." is what actually happens.

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