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During, and further to the Crisis, the steadily developed, and its role became even more central for the Business World

Join us to discuss the challenges it brings to classical this Wednesday at 4.30pm CEST

More info 👉thinkfide.com/global-digital-e


Where does the dreadful "thought leader" come from? I first saw it on LinkedIn, and have been curious ever since as to it origins.

A reminder that Iceland program is available, there's still room for both online and in-person registration. gikii.org/gikii-iceland-progra

Fascinating lawsuit, Yuga Labs sues RR/BAYC for trademark infringement, NOT for copyright. Maybe they know the copyright infringement argument would be weaker? analytic.lol/wp-content/upload

I opened Facebook, and I was immediately reminded why I never use it.

I really enjoyed Doctor Strange, but why do all multiverses must look like a small variation of the USA?

"NFTs are all about building a community."

The community:
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Fuck this ape. This guy bumped us, said he’s an ape not knowing we’re og apes talking shit. These new apes are disgraceful. We’re looked up to and this behavior is what gets us hated on. Do better. Fuck this fake ape

Not only can't they coherently explain how things will be better in Web3, the vision is a libertarian dystopia where everything is monetised, because everyone knows that the only incentive to put something online is money.
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Today @pmarca was asked by @tylercowen to explain a Web3 use case.

I clipped this gem from 28:08 of Conversations With Tyler.

Highly recommended...

Obi-Wan Kenobi is an example of lack of stakes in an adventure. We know from the start that Luke, Leia, Vader, Ben, Owen and Beru all make it, so all action sequences left me cold. Bad acting too, as if the people were embarrassed with the material. Dreadful.

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Many things have been said about large language models (including GPT-3). In new work with @atze_dota, we used tools from cognitive psychology to study how GPT-3 makes decisions, searches for information, deliberates, and reasons causally, and compared its behavior to humans.

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'The Long Tail' was supposed to boost alternative voices in music, movies, and books—but the exact opposite happened.

What went wrong? (my latest article) tedgioia.substack.com/p/where-

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Italy's famed infectious disease professor M. Galli, MD, has been ill with for 5 months. Before, he was a skeptic and thought some Long Covid could be "psychosomatic"
"Now that I'm myself involved, I have to reconsider some of my beliefs"
Medicine is in the mirror


A video from Apefest just showed up on my timeline. Wrong name, it should be called Susagefest.

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We're pleased to announce our 21st which will take place next Wednesday (June 29th) and will cover:

👀 The as a challenge to classical

Registration, speaker's bios, and readings, at the official event site.

I attend lots of panels on AI, this one has been excellent, very good format and great speakers.
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Bringing together excellent researchers and society 🤝🗣️: The three panels will focus on “ and ecological challenges”, “AI and society” and “The future of AI in and ”.
The panellists👏🏼🙏🏼👇🏼

As the Turing Test is unreliable, how would we prove that an AI is actually sentient? Something like the Voight-Kampff test?

I was playing some games over the weekend and something hit me. What sort of narcissist would choose to look like themselves on the metaverse?

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Over-achieving academic bragging Twitter is the worst Twitter. It's OK if you haven't achieved anything all summer.

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