First time in the and my first toot ever. A boomer with a passion for tech. Cross training into from old legacy software.

Occasionally collect old computers. Have zx81, spectrum, spectrum+, spectrum+2, spectrum+3, amiga A500, acorn electron, bbc micro, dragon 32, commodore 64 and apple ][. All packed away in the loft with the apple g4 desktops waiting for me to have time to get them down and fire them up (not anytime soon).

Interested in most tech.

@techinotum_ray This is better than porn ~ I got to play with a few and lusted over some of the others as a teen 😛

@mindofjoe Started collecting them before the Raspberry Pis came out. Got them cheap. When the Pis came out, everybody got nostalgic and prices went up.

Latest aquisition was the Apple][ with dual disk drives, extra cards, printer, monitor, software and manuals. Recon I could flip it for twice what I got it for, but been wanting one for years.

Been working long hours, studying and doing diy, so don't have time to use them.

@techinotum_ray Not unlike the supermodels of the same era, not all have aged so well ~ maybe best left as nostalgic memories 😉 Pretty cool that there is a market for them, though.


Yeah. Mainly as a form of investment. Unlike the supermodels. 🙂

@techinotum_ray Welcome! I regret having had to give up my old Apple ][ and Kaypro IV years ago. I'd love to pick another of either up off e-bay, but then I realize that I just don't have the room to store them or the time to play with them. Probably for the better. Some memories are better kept as just memories.


Got the storage space but no time. More of an investment atm.

@techinotum_ray welcome! I’d love to see some pics of that old kit of you ever do get them down from the loft.


All working but missing keycap on Amiga. Haven't got a photo of the Spectrum+2.

@techinotum_ray oh man! I’d love to get my hands on some of that kit! That old familiar purple screen with the animated floppy disk going into the drive when you boot up the Amiga. I miss those days.


Ebay is your friend. Only issue is that prices are going up.

My first programming experience was on a pdp-11 and then an apple 2 briefly. Had the c64 at home.

Showing my age now. 😂

@techinotum_ray You should get in touch with @Jill_linuxgirl She has an entire museum full of old computers of every kind. And a host of the Destination Linux Podcast


Welcome to the Fediverse! Take a cookie, make yourself comfortable!

@techinotum_ray welcome :) we share the same passion for old tech although I only have a C64C, a gameboy and an old Sharp calculator with those gummy keycaps!


Thank you. Did consider collecting old gaming consoles but thought better of it.

I keep trying to get into gaming but lose interest too quickly.

@techinotum_ray gaming consoles are hard to maintain than other hardware imho. I preferred to buy some modern editions just to give my kids an idea of what was gaming back in 80s/90s and end of 70s

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