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Microsoft have enough money to buy the Open Source ecosphere and submit it to its will, be aware of that is already started IHMO

I read an article about the struggles of be a smart person, I commented I don't pretend to be a smart person and the author said that is very smart of you, so I'm fucked now I suppose

I'm thinking to ditch Debian for a fully free distro again, but that means I have to change my hardware again and after all I can't just avoid to use some proprietary software at all so why bothering, I mean even job advertising web sites require to run non-free javascript in your web browser... sorry RMS

I have heard terrible things about having to deal with a wife... I have heard terrible things about having to deal with any kind of female creature... I had several girlfriends in the past and I hated every single second I wasted with them... the sex was just plain boring normal stuff, and the rest a complete waste of my time, hopes and finances... So you know what ? Nothing!! I'm going to spend the rest of the night watching my favourites Anime and drinking my favourite brand of beer.

Internet made me a compulsive commenter, I can comment on everything even about the colour
of the poo 💩 even if I don't know anything about the colour of the poo 💩 I like the sound of the word poo 💩 !! And there is anythings that makes me feel better than doing a lot of poo fixing my wife in her eyes 💩 ( she is no longer my wife )Those poo💩 related thoughts are all mine!! I never had nothing comparable to a wife in my real life so I suppose to be lucky.
Mokoto: "The net is vast and infinite"

I have watched the emancipation of Harley Queen and I'm still waiting for Batman showing himself and kicking the asses of all one

I'm not against any technology in principle even universal packages for the GNU/Linux landscape can come in handy but If a software isn't packaged for your distribution the less egoistic way is considering to packaging the software your self and become a package maintainer for your distribution. If this option isn't feasible for you you can ask if there are others willing to do the job, as last resort you can ask help for compiling the software from the source code.

Sometimes I miss my ex girlfriend Graziella even she decided to left me some years ago...The only thought that help me feel better in those moments is thinking that is nothing more than a sign of the past, just a trick of the mind in order to restore good memories where weren't any 😩

What does a Gentoo user do when he quickly need an application that isn't already installed in the system ?

I ended Clock Tower for the first time I have got the F ending and the B ending... It's a good game, anything special just some very good example of animated pixel art, my vote is 7/10

English learner here: What is the correct ? Explain why please.

Ok now I have my shiny new Debian SID system installed under the /srv directory, but I couldn't manage to setup the wireless network from the command line, I had to install plasma and the network manager... Now I'll take a shower and then I'll setup my developing environment... PS. I love how Plasma 5 looks better than in Buster

I had to purge apparmor in order to successfully setup a virtual machine with virt-manager using Debian Buster 😞

I made my choice! I'm going to read the Shining of Stephen King now.
I have seen the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of The Shining several different times ( I'm a big fan of Jack Nicholson ) and I have seen both the European cut and the American one. What is better than a good classic horror film or book for pleasing your soul when you are in a bad mood ? Yeah I know good sex but it's so hard to find and expensive where I am... Instead a good film or book is so cheap and easy nowadays... 😊

How to be a complete asshole and don't feel sorry about... I'm a such nice guy 😭 or not 🤔 Oh now how do I solve this 😞

What is the point of be able to favourite or boost your own toots ? Is it some sort of narcissistic affair ?

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