Day 49 of the series:

I let myself get a little groupy-ish in my excitement for my new PineTab, which will be arriving really soon (hint hint @PINE64).


@mike @PINE64 My daily driver is a Dell 2-in1 tablet/laptop of similar form factor but with high laptop specs (Intel i7, 16GB ram, 500GB nvme). So far I found Ubuntu Gnome have put at least some thought into tablet touch screen functionality, without sacrificing desktop kb/mouse usability. KDE less so but anything can be customized. Could be a bit heavy for the PINE though? I would be interested to see what distros would work both in performance and usability.

@teatime I'm going to be putting it through its paces when it gets here. Remind me and I'll try out Ubuntu Gnome. There are a couple videos of Gnome on Youtube, but I'm not sure if it's Ubuntu or not. Just based on those it looked a little lagged, but then so did UBports.


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