I have the dock on the left due to a second small monitor arranged below primary.

@teatime Looks great! I have a question about the Rambox / Hamsket app you are using: do you think it is private/secure enough to use for protonmail and tutanota for example? Thanks!

@FOSS4Everyone So far I only use it for Whatsapp, FB messenger and Hangouts - basically convenient communication with "regular" people. Rambox is built on Electron and I think using a sandboxed Chromium instance to render each app. This *should* be slightly better than in a plain Chrome browser due to sandbox, however also worse in that its without the option of privacy extensions (uBlock etc). If you are happy to run your apps sandboxed in a plain chromium window then give it a shot.

@teatime Thanks for your insight. Been using the fork Hamsket and it is very convenient!

@FOSS4Everyone Most welcome. Another one to check out is Ferdi (improved non-monetized fork of Franz). Some people say it takes up more memory than Rambox but it offers more features including universal dark mode across all apps. I am now running Ferdi on my desktop, which has plenty of RAM and CPU.

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