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I'm contemplating dropping my domain name in favor of an OpenNIC one. I *loathe* rent-seekers; paid DNS is just redistribution of wealth towards those who need it least. Just because I *can* afford to doesn't mean I should.

Thinking of renewing my domain name for a year, mirroring with an OpenNIC name, adding a notice to the site, and dropping in a year.

I know OpenNIC is relatively obscure even in foss spaces, so I'd really appreciate feedback on this one...

Pulled and ran my personal website from my Zorin OS machine. OF COURSE I found some minor bugs on Linux with building pblog...

Look for an update shortly 😛

I’ve been looking more and more into FreeMesh[1] for replacing my existing Eero Wi-Fi system.

I’ve wanted to leave Eero ever since they were absorbed by Amazon but decided to wait for a solid FOSS alternative before swapping over. (To avoid swapping yet again down the line)

Anyone have experience with FreeMesh? I know it uses OpenWRT but maybe has limited hardware specs?


Never heard of "ClassicPress" before. Seems to remove all the headaches I've found with latest iterations of standard WP.

I've moved an older blog post over to the 1MB Club (made more sense to have it there)

"Convert Files to HTML with macOS Automator Quick Actions"

Sold my extra, unused RPi4 and snagged a 2012 Mac Mini with the profit made (nice “trade” in my books!)

- 500 GB HDD

When it arrives in a week or so I plan to swap out the HDD with an SSD and boot OpenCore Legacy (Monterey) on it. I’ll be sure to write up a post breaking down my experience.

Some minor updates (mostly QoL) to pblog:

"Includes, rsync and Variables - Oh My!"

- Optional header and footer includes for all generating posts and pages
- Generated directories now use rsync

Dumb idea for the day:

A website that lists a PO Box to receive letter mail. The mail is manually converted and posted on the site (possibly even link to a photo of the letter itself?)

I’ll take my 50% cut when this blows up 😉

Everyone probably got blasted by my RSS...again. Sorry.

BUT this does mean that I am officially switched over to `pblog` as my SSG of choice. See the minor details below:

"Yet Another Static Site Generator Switch"

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Flat ui makes details of the interface difficult to interpret. It's aesthetic consumerism in web design. Throwing away the old for no reason other than that it's old, and insisting that people adopt the new because the old is old, so for this and no other reason, the old is bad.

Textured interface design emulated physical interfaces. It had shading. It had recognizable shape and texture, and its shape followed its function.

But since the widespread adoption of computers and the internet, this intuitive design has been abandoned under the assumption that since everyone knows how the tech works now, and knows how to use it, that there's no need to make the interface intuitive.

But this drives away new adopters, and makes the process of using interfaces into something like interpreting esoteric symbolism.

The interfaces, over time, have become more and more abstract, to the point that the symbols themselves are completely alienated from their origin.

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Writing this post from my 2011 MacBook Air running Monterey 12.4

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Taking OpenCore Legacy Patcher(1) for a spin today on my 2011 model MacBook Air.

If things go smoothly, I plan to write-up a quick review of the process and performance results.


I’ve built fairly crude static site generators based off of PHP, bash, and now Pandoc. I never planned to make these.

Suddenly I’m getting the urge to build an SSG based on troff…

Someone send help.

Finally wrote up a post going into a little more detail about `pblog`

"Introducing pblog"

Took a crack at rebuilding my personal blog with while the kids were napping today. Had zero issues and was fairly seamless.

Plain to get everything tested and planned out for an “official” switch over sometime next week. (Will also write up a detailed post, of course)

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I had been careless about image formats on my website, but I decided to put some work and convert them all to WebP. Also, I got the Nord color scheme to work on my code!

#webdev #jekyll #blogpost

It's been over a year since I've done much with it, but some minor changes have been rolled out for my PHPetite project:

"Cleaning Things Up & Future PHPetite Updates"

Finally moved the project off Netlify and disabled HTTPS auto-redirects.

Also wrote up my personal reasoning for this:

"Consider Disabling HTTPS Auto Redirects"

Been using my new ergonomic mouse for roughly one day and already my wrist / forearm feels so much better. Should have made this switch a while back...

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